Announcing Kid's Delight-Crunchy Snacks

Kids like anything crunchy. My daughter is a great fan of crunchy snacks. So when my turn came to host the famous Kid's Delight event, I chose crunchy snacks as the theme. I would first like to thank Srvalli for letting me host this nice event. The event starts from 16th July and ends on 15th August. 

Prepare any dish which is crunchy. It should not be soft. Please don't try to bake cakes or muffins with nuts. The final snack must not be soft. You can bake, roast or fry to obtain the crunch. It can be either sweet or savory.It can be a regional delicacy or international delicacy. The main thing is that it should be liked by kids. Some of the crunchy snacks include biscuits, Murukku, Grissini, Karakadalai(Deep fried peanuts) Kara Boondhi, Sev, Sweet Diamond Biscuits, Crispy cracker Bowls, Kai Murukku, Mini Sweet Rolls, Chips etc. Prepare a dish that fits this category,delicious,crunchy and send in your entry to me. I will be posting the round up on August 17th.

Guidelines To Send In Your Entries:

1. Prepare any snack which is vegetarian (Eggs not allowed)
2. You can send multiple entries.
3. Archieved posts can be sent if they are reposted with the link to the announcement page.
4. Recipes linked to other events can be sent.
5. The post should be linked to this post and Srivalli's Announcement page
6. Send the mail to the following ID:
7. Please send me a mail in the following format.
Your Name
Your Blog's Name
Your Dish
Dish's URL
8. You need not send in the photo of your dish. Just give me permission to take it from your post.
9. Non-Bloggers can also send in their recipes to my mail ID.
10. Use logo to spread the word.

Waiting for your delicious entries. So get started and let's have fun...

Here are some recipes posted which comes under the category:

Mini Sweet Rolls:

Buttermilk Barley Biscuits:

Kai Murukku:

Crispy Cracker Bowls:

Sweet Diamond Biscuits:

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