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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Punjabi Bathura

The bathura I usually prepare is just like poori dough but kneaded with curd instead of water. The softness comes from the curd used. When I saw this recipe it was different. It used yeast along with curd. The bathuras were flaky, crisp on the outside and very soft inside. The texture was awesome and it went very well with the peshawari chole I posted last week.  I saw this recipe in a Tarla Dalal's book which I bough online. Every one at home loved the combination.

Maida / All Purpose Flour -2 1/4 cups
Instant Yeast-1 tbs
Fresh Curd-1 1/2 tbs
Ghee-3 tbs
Salt- to taste
Oil- For Deep Frying

1. In a bowl add flour, salt, instant yeast, ghee and curd. Mix them well.
2. Add enough water to make a firm dough.
3. Cover and keep it aside for 15 minutes.
4. Divide the dough into 12 equal portions and roll each portion into a ball.
5. Roll out each ball into a thin disc .
6. Cook both sides of the bathura on a medium hot tawa. Remove when small brown spots appear.
7. Finish off cooking all the bathuras. Let them cool down.
8. Heat oil in a kadai.
9. Deep fry the bathuras one by one. When you put one bathura into hot oil, press it with the ladle until it is well immersed.
10. The bathura will puff up nicely.
11. Fry until both sides are golden.
12. Serve them hot with gravy of your choice. The best accompaniment is the Peshawari Chole

Make a stiff dough and let it sit covered for 15 minutes.

Divide it into 12 equal portions and roll each portion into a ball.

Roll out each ball into a thin disc.

Cook on a tawa until brown spots appear.

Deep fry in oil until golden and puffy.

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  1. Lovely pictures ......would like to try this version...


  2. Hi Gayathri, your Bhaturas remind me of the pics which I missed to click when I recently made Bhaturas at home. But, what you have cooked is much different & insteresting from mine. I like the way it is cooked on tava first.

  3. Bookmarked...will be making this soon...

  4. Never tried adding yeast to the dough...looks very soft and yummy.

  5. This batura caught my eyes even when it was in the background on the chole picture!!! truly awesome.... bookmarking it... i always thought batura is fried...

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  6. Delicious and nice bathura..
    do visit and join my blog in your free time..
    Shabbu's Tasty Kitchen

  7. Now that is the secret to awesome batura. tawa-ing it first. U r a star. Thank u sooo much dear. U have made my day. I am going to share this with my mom-in-law who would luv this.:-)

  8. Perfect Bhaturas for Chole...but Gayathri I didn't get the idea of making them first in the tawa...can you pls explain what difference we get in the procedure...but anyhow, the white color of the bhatura is so lovely.

    Visit my recipes @ Manidipa's Kitchen

    1. Hi Manidipa, The bathura was flaky. The reason is the tawa cooking because when you deep fry it directly, there will be no flakes. The texture was totally different.

  9. Lovely baturas... precooking them in a tawa is a lovely idea... I guess that it gives the baturas a different texture than the usual..

  10. looks so delicious and mouthwatering. Excellent recipe.

  11. Looking superb. But i have a small doubt why we have to first cook in tawa and then deep fry?


    1. Hi Anita, The tawa cooking gives the bathura nice crispy layers. This will not be got when directly deep fried..

  12. wow perfectly made and love the way it puffs up

  13. So, they cook bhaturas on tawa first! Thank you for disclosing the secret. Now I will habe perfect Punjabi bhaturas! :)

  14. Super fluffy bhaturas, never know that bhaturas are cooked in tawa first before they go to oil bath,thanks for sharing.

  15. Fluffy and delicious looking bathuras.. Yumm..

  16. Never tried it on tawa.I always made it in pan hmm nice must try it.


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