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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Idli Milagai Podi

Idli podi is a necessary powder to stock up in the pantry. My mom used to prepare huge quantity which lasts for 2-3 months. Even though we have chutney or sambar, we never miss this delicious powder for idli and dosas. While preparing dosas, mom used to sprinkle a generous amount of podi on the dosas and drizzle oil on it. Then she would serve it crispy and it used to be a great hit among the family. Now my daughter has got a craze for this podi. She loves it with dosas, idlis and even rice. There are so many variations of this podi and I am giving the recipe which mom gave. 

Urad Dhal(Ulundamparuppu)-1cup
Channa Dhal(Kadalai Paruppu)-1/2cup
Toor Dhal(Thuvaram Paruppu)-1/2cup
Salt-to taste
Red Chilly-50gm (adjust according to your taste)

1. Dry roast all the dhals separately until brown. Be careful not to burn the dhals.
2. Dry roast the chillies until aromatic and crisp. Do this on low flame. I always roast the chillies with the stalk. This reduces the fuming of hot chillies. You can remove it when they cool. 
3. Roast hing and salt and add it to the dhals.
4. Grind the red chillies first to a fine powder.
5. Then add the dhals and grind to a coarse powder. Do this in batches.
6. Mix every thing on a plate until thoroughly combined.
7. Store in jars for further use.
8. Mix some podi with sesame oil and this paste tastes great with dosas and idlis.

Roast all the ingredients

Grind in batches

Mix well and store
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  1. Love milagai podi specially with dosas..lovely post..

  2. Any idli meal is incomplete without milgai podi and that too spicy one :)

  3. we love dosa and idli with molaga podi. i always stock up homemade podi when i come from India. This time I have decided to try myself

  4. I love this basic recipes .. Yum with ghee and dosa..

  5. lovely podi....thanx 4 sharing

  6. Yummy and delicious milagai podi love to have it with hot fluffy idly.

  7. Bookmarked. Do I also dry roast hing?
    Happy new year to you

  8. Delicious..Yummy one to try it asap


  9. @Archana, Yes you need to dry roast hing also..

  10. Nice yummy looking podi, adding tuar dal is different from my usual, must try this way.
    Am huge fan of your blog, Happy New Year and keep rocking blogosphere through 2012!


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