Kid's Delight - Chocolates Round Up

Last month, I guest hosted the popular event - Kid's Delight at my blog. This event is the brain child of Srivalli of Spicing Your Life and Cooking For All Seasons. Every month, this event is hosted with a theme. When my turn came to host this event, I selected what my kid likes - Chocolate. If any dish which involves chocolate in the making and the resultant is brown in colour, my daughter never hesitates. So every now and then I prepare some snack based on chocolate. And she is also allergic to store bought chocolate goodies wheras the home made snacks doesn't make her sick. So I am always happy to do something chocolate based. And this event has given me the best opportunity to bring together awesome recipes of the blogosphere. I got 40 entries and with my 4 entries it is 44. Hope you all have a great time going through the recipes. Pin it for your future reference too...


Here are the delicious entries I got for the event. I thank all the bloggers who sent in their entries and For Valli for giving me the opportunity to host this event.

Whole Wheat Nutella Bars - Full Scoops

Eggless Chocolate Cake - Full Scoops

Eggless Chocolate Cake (vegan) - Full Scoops

Marie Biscuit Chocolate Balls - Full Scoops

Best Ever Chocolate Cake - Full Scoops

Marble Cake - Full Scoops

Marble  Cake - Ashiya's Kitchen

Chocolate Rice Pudding - Ashiya's Kitchen

Chocolate Pedas- Cook With Smile

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Chocolate Chip Cookies - Ammaji Recipes

Creme Au Chocolat - The Big Sweet Tooth

Choco Peanut Spread- Ranjani's Kitchen

Cover 1

Eggless Chocolate Biscotti - Light Food Desires

Homemade CHocolate Peanut Butter - Enveetu Kitchen

Eggless Sweet Rolls - Enveetu Kitchen

Eggless Chocolate Tart - Enveetu Kitchen

Nutella Filled Puffs - My Recipes

Quinao Oats Choco Chip Cookies - My Recipes

Eggless Tutti Frutti Choco Chip Cake - Home Cook Food

Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookies - Home Cook Food

Eggless Chocolate Nankhatai - Partha's Rhapsody

Chocolate Phirni - Partha's Rhapsody

Chocolate Cupcake Brownies - Lemon Curry


Cocoa Cake - Nivedhanams


Chocolate Dipped Strawberries - Nivedhanams


Almond Truffles - Nivedhanams

Almond Truffles - IMG_0130

Eggless Chocolate Fondant Cake - Anu's Kitchen Delights

Eggless Chocolate Fondant recipe

Eggless Chocolate Cookies - Anu's Kitchen Delights

Chocolate Cookies

Eggless Chocolate Orange Muffin - Prachi's Veg Kitchen

Cheerful Chocolate - Spicy, Quirky and Serendipitous

Dark Chocolate Mousse - Spicing Your Life

Home Made Roasted Hazelnut Chocolate - Cooking For All Seasons

Home Made Nutella - Cooking For All Seasons

Double Chocolate Cupcakes - Spice Your Life

Self Saucing Chocolate Cake - Spicing Your Life

Chickpea Flour Chocolate Cookies - Anitha's Kitchen Diary

Strawberry And Delight Tart - Cooking Club

Passover Brownies - Ma Niche

Patterned Swiss Roll Cake - Cook's Hideout

Patterned Swiss Roll Cake

Chocolate Charms - Gayathri's Cook Spot

Patterned Chocolate Swiss Roll Cake- Gayathri's Cook Spot

Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Frosting and Buttercream Rossettes- Gayathri's Cook Spot

Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes - Gayathri's Cook Spot

Hope you enjoyed it!!!

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