Walk Through Memory Lane - January Round Up , Winners and February Announcement

I am thankful to all my readers and blogger friends for the continuous support you are giving me for this event. The entries keep on increasing and I am yet to figure a way to file it all. At present here is a page dedicated to the event which has all the round up links. Srivalli has been very generous in creating a space for WTML round ups at Events and Roundups Blog. I thank her for this great help. This month Amritha of Motions and Emotions is guest hosting Walk Through Memory Lane. Please visit her space for details and linking your entries.

And thank you all for participating in January Walk Through Memory Lane event. I received 135 entries including one from my reader Ravitha. Here is a huge collection of childhood favourite recipes. Please go through it and have a good time.

And now for the winners of January. I selected three entries through random number generator. The winners are Entry number 51 - Prachi- Matar Methi Korma, Entry number 63 - Beulah Arun - Drumstick Leaves Stir Fry and Entry number 135 - Ravitha Pai - Tomato Masiyal.

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