Baked Medhu Vada - Guilt Free Version of Medhu Vada and Thayir Vada

I love medhu vadas aka ulundha vadai, but I make it only twice or thrice a year fearing the oil in the vadas. Even hubby dear loves them so much and never forgets to eat one while visiting a tea stall. But even it is so tempting, I stay away from vadas available in hotels as they are so oily. For Pongal I made them at home nearly after a year and after just making limited vadas, I refrigerated the batter. I was longing for thayir vadai but still didn't want to use oil. Yesterday while I was thinking about the dish I need to do for the blog, a thought struck. Why not bake the vadas instead of frying. 

Today morning, I experimented with the batter and I was surprised by the result. We loved the outcome. The only problem was they didn't resemble vadas and looked like savoury muffins. But once soaked in curd we didn't find any difference between the fried version and the baked version. They also tasted absolutely delicious with coconut chutney. Now hubby dear is ready to buy me a dough nut pan so that the vadas will resemble the fried ones. I am very happy now as I will be getting a doughnut pan in addition to the successful recipe..

I will not be writing a recipe for this post as I have the recipe in the blog. Click here to know how to make the ulunda vadai batter. I added a teaspoon of baking powder to the batter before baking. 

Grease the muffin tray with oil. I used the spray, but still the vadas stuck to the pan. Fill 2/3rd of the muffin moulds with the batter.

Preheat oven to 200C. Bake the vadas until golden. it took nearly 30 minutes for me.

Serve them straight from the pan with coconut chutney.

Or make dahi vada/ thayir vada and serve them after an hour. Both the versions taste absolutely delicious. 

Here is the fried ulunda vadai

Here is the Sambar Vadai Recipe

Here is the Thayir Vadai Recipe
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