Eggless Spooky Witches' Fingers

When October arrives, Haloween craze sets among the bloggers around the world. There will be pumpkin recipes, spooky finger recipes, mummy cup cake recipes and so on going around the blogosphere. We are not different. In the Home Baker's Group started by Priya, this month's host Nalini suggested four Halloween recipes. One among those was this spooky witches' fingers. When I first saw the snaps of these cookies, I was so afraid to try. They were scary and really spooky. I have never tried these type of recipes. So I kept postponing the making of this recipe. One fine day gathering up my courage, I made these finger cookies. 

 My daughter enjoyed this but my hubby dear gave me a weird look. How could you do such cookies was the only question he asked. I had to beg him to try out one cookie as he was not even willing to touch them. Then after tasting, he told me that it tasted good, but still he would not touch these cookies as they reminded him of blood trickling fingers...And this year Halloween falls on October 31st and it is my birthday too. So looking forward to seeing many Halloween recipes among other blogger friends...

Recipe Source: Nalini Suresh
Makes 60 Fingers 
Butter-1 cup
Icing Sugar-1 cup
Curd-1/4 cup
Almond Extract-1 tsp
Vanilla Extract-1 tsp
Flour/ Maida-3 cups
Baking Powder-1 tsp
Salt-1 tsp
Whole Almonds-60 nos

1. Keep butter out of fridge until it becomes very soft.
2. Beat until fluffy.
3. Add sugar and beat until creamy.
4. Add curd, almond extract and vanilla. Beat until fluffy.
5. In another bowl mix together flour, salt, baking powder.
6. Add this mixture to butter mixture and beat until incorporated.
7. Cover with cling wrap and refrigerate for 30 minutes.
8. Preheat oven to 160C.
9. Grease a tray.
10. Remove dough from fridge.
11. Pinch small balls out of dough, roll into a small rope.
12. Place it on tray. With the blunt side of the knife, make lines for knuckles.
13. Place a whole almond in place of nail.
14. Fill the tray with fingers and bake for 20 minutes.
15. While baking place the remaining dough in fridge.
16. When the cookies bottom start browning, remove from oven and place it on counter for 5 minutes.
17. They will be soft at first but will firm up once cool.
18. Transfer to a cooling rack and make the remaining fingers.
19. The almonds will fall out once you bake the cookies.
20. Apply a bit of jam and place the almond on it. This looks like blood trickling fingers.

Beat butter and sugar.

Add curd and extract and beat.

Mix flour with salt and baking powder.

Add it to butter.

Mix to form a soft dough. Refrigerate.

Pinch small portion and roll into a ball.

Roll it into a log the size of a finger.

Make small lines for knuckles.

Place an almond for nail.

Fill the tray with fingers.

Bake and cool on wire rack.

Apply jam and stick the almond to the finger.

How is this????

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