Inji Murappa/ Inji Mittai

For the alphabet I, I chose to do a regional recipe. Inji murappa or inji mittai is very famous here in Tamil Nadu. Whenever we travel by bus, it is easy to hear a seller selling these mittais at bus stands. During my child hood days I never had the courage to try these. But now after becoming a food blogger, I need to try out new recipes and when I saw the recipe for this mittai at Viki's blog, I noted it down. Atleast once in a month I make Inji Chaaru to fight cold. And to have a taste of this mittai I tried it at home. It was so spicy and hot because of the ginger and a small piece of this mittai is sufficient to treat any indigestion. As I didn't get tender ginger I went for the method using the juice along with some maida. I was so happy to see the result. It tasted great and was full of ginger goodness.  

Recipe Source: Viki's Kitchen
Ginger-150 gm
Sugar-1 1/4 cup
All Purpose Flour/ Maida-2-3 tbs
Cardamom Powder-a pinch

1. Peel the skin of the ginger and clean it thoroughly.
2. Grind it with 1/2 cup of water to a fine paste.
3. Strain the juice in a metal strainer.
4. Add another 1/4 cup of water to the fibres and grind again.
5. Filter this also. Discard the pith.
6. Keep the juice for 30 minutes. Pour it into another bowl and you can see a white sediment at the bottom. Discard that.
7. In a pan add sugar along with the juice and cardamom powder and bring it to boil.
8. Keep flame on medium and cook until the syrup comes to two string consistency. When you take a drop between the index and thumb, two string should form between the fingers.
9. When the syrup is of right consistency, add the flour and mix it vigorously so that no lumps form.
10. Cook for a minute on low flame and pour it into a greased plate.
11. When semi set, cut out lines using a knife.
12. Allow it to cool completely. 
13. Cut on the pre cut lines.
14. Remove the mittai from the plate and store in an air tight jar. 
15. Use when you have indigestion or cold.

Pick nice ginger pieces.

Peel skin, wash and grind with 1/2 cup of water.

Strain through a metal strainer. Do it once more with 1/4 cup of water.

Discard pith after removing all the juice.

Discard the white deposit at the bottom of the bowl. 

Add sugar and cardamom powder to the juice.

Boil it until the syrup reaches two string consistency.

Add flour.

Mix vigorously.

Pour into a greased plate.

Cut into small squares and store.

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