Tribute to My Mom - Mom's Special

If you are a regular visitor of my blog, you would have noticed that this space has been silent for the past 10 days. The last day I posted in my blog was on August 19th which was also the last day I spoke with my mom. And it was my Anniversary too. I got her blessings on that day and I thought I was the happiest person on earth on that day. But the next day brought me the greatest sorrow of my life. My mom was hospitalised and she left us to heavenly abode 5 days later. Whatever I have accomplished and whoever I am today it is all because of her. She taught me everything I know now and I am the person who I am only because of her. She was the first person in our house to try out new recipes. I think with out her I would not be a good cook. She is my Guru, Philosopher and Guide.

Let her rest in Peace.  We miss you mom...

As a tribute to my mom, until September 30th, I will be hosting an event Mom's Special in which you can share your mom's special recipes with me and my readers. I will set up a linky tool for you to link your recipes. 

Here are some rules to be followed:

1. Only vegetarian dishes allowed. Eggs not allowed.
2. Please stick to the idea of mom's recipes. Any recipe which doesn't fit into this criteria will be removed.
3. While posting it in your blog, give a short note on your mom's cooking and how you love your mom.
4. If linking an archived post update it with this event announcement and a short write up about your mom.
5. Only 2 archived entries allowed.
6. No limitations for new entries.
7. The linky tool will be up until September 30th.
8. All the linked post must have a link to this announcement page to spread the word.
9. I will be selecting a lucky winner and the winner will get a copy of Cooking With Pedatha.