Paneer Bruschetta

Bruschetta pronounced as bru-sket-ta is an Italian dish made with crusted Italian bread and toppings. Before two weeks I made the French Baguette following the Bread Baker's Apprentice. I ended up with three cute baguettes but had no idea how to use them in various recipes. I googled for recipes. And one recipe was for bruschetta. I had a cup of paneer in the fridge, so I incorporated it in the bruschetta recipe and made an Indianized version. It came out absolutely delicious. And fortunately we had two of our friends at home during evening. So I was so happy to serve them this bruschetta for the evening snacks along with a cup of coffee. Nowadays I am serving a lot of cucumber and onions along with the snacks and hubby is very happy about it. Today is the. Final week of Blogging Marathon #30 and I am posting under savoury bakes. Whenever I use my oven it would be for a cake or cookie. So when I saw this theme I thought that a slight variation from routine would be nice. At once I opted for this challenge and am happy to have selected it. For the three days I will be posting three savoury dishes made out of the three baguettes. Hope you enjoy this virtual treat..

Paneer-1 1/4 cup
Red Chilly Powder-1/4 tsp
Garam Masala-1/4 tsp
Salt-to taste
Chaat Masala Powder-a pinch
Coriander Leaves-2 tbs
Cumin Powder-14 tsp
Oil-1 tsp

1. Heat oil and add crumbled paneer.
2. Sauté until it browns slightly.
3. Add all the spice powders and salt and cook for a minute.
4. Remove from flame, add coriander leaves and allow this to cool.
5. Preheat oven to 175C.
6. Slice the baguette into 1 1/2" slices.
7. Bake until slightly golden.
8. Now remove the slices from oven and divide the paneer topping between the slices.
9. Bake again until the paneer is golden in colour.
10. Serve immediately garnished with coriander leaves.

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