Eggless Strawberry Bread - A Guest Post For Kalyani

When Kalyani of Sizzling Tastebuds, who is a dear friend of mine asked to do a guest post for her blog, I was super excited. Even though we have not met in person being part of her group Magic Mingle, we keep contact through mails. I took a long time to decide what to cook for her, as I wanted to make something special. I was toggling between a sweet and an cake but settled on this quick bread as baking is my favourite. I bought a box full of strawberries which is very expensive at Madurai. But to my disappointment, the strawberries were very sour and we couldn't eat even a half strawberry. So I decided to use it in a bake without wasting the extremely expensive box of strawberries. Quick breads are a great way to incorporate fruits and the sourness of the fruit actually enhances the taste of the bread. 

Quick breads use baking powder and baking soda as the leavening agent. So there is no need to prrove the dough. It is some what like cake batter. This quick bread is so simple to make and my daughter devoured it. The texture of the bread is so nice and we all enjoyed it. I hope even Kalyani enjoys it too. Thank you so much Kalyani. I am honoured doing this post for you. Doesn't it look beautiful? If you want to try making this, please visit Kalyani's blog for the detailed recipe and some more snaps. 

For Recipe and the post I did for Kalyani, please click here.

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