Eggless Mini Donuts

This month, I have been staying inactive as my blogging is concerned. Sruti is on her vacation and I have been travelling on and off. When at home, it is really very tough to concentrate on the blog. So this month I am only posting the recipes for the challenges I am taking part because I do not want to skip any group challenges. This month's Baking Eggless challenge was suggested by Jayanthi of Sizzling Veggies. She suggested us to try out Crispy and Creamy donuts from All Recipes. I posted the eggless version of Kripy Kreme Donuts a short time back and so I didn't want to make it again. So I used the recipe for the donuts and made mini donuts. I skipped the cream coating and instead I opted for chocolate coating. Last year when I met with some blogger friends in Chennai, I visited the City Centre mall. While waiting for others to come, I saw the donut stall at the ground floor. It was looking so colourful and Sruti was amazed at the chocolate coated mini donuts. So I bought a set of four and she finished it by the time others arrived. I remembered those cute donuts and tried my hand at making it at home for this challenge. To tell you the truth, the ones I made at home were delicious than the store bought ones. They were crispy on top and had a soft flesh. The chocolate added a nice crunch to the donuts and Sruti loved them. Linking this to Yeastspotting

Recipe Source: All Recipes
Makes 40 Mini Donuts
Instant Yeast-1/2 tsp
All Purpose Flour-2 cups
Oil-For Deep Frying
Luke Warm Milk-1/2 cup
Sugar-1/4 cup
Vanilla Essence-1/2 tsp
Salt-a pinch
Curd-2 tbs
Shortening/ Vanaspathi-2 tbs
Bitter Sweet Chocolate-1 cup
White Chocolate-1/4 cup

1. Mix together sugar, yeast, curd, vanilla and shortening in a bowl.
2. In another bowl add 1 cup of flour and salt and mix well.
3. With the dough hook on the mixer, mix the flour mixture and milk mixture.
4. Keep on adding flour at intervals until you get a non sticky dough. You may need a little more than the given amount of flour.
5. Keep on beating for 5 minutes.
6. Place it in an oiled bowl and cover with a cling wrap.
7. Allow it to rise for 1 hour.
8. Once the dough is double, take it on the counter. Press it to remove air.
9. Roll it into a 1/3" thick disc.
10. Using a bowl, cut out the donuts. Make a small hole in the middle of the donut using a cap of smaller bottle. I used the cap of the sauce bottle.
11. Arrange the donuts on a paper lined tray. Complete making the donuts with the remaining dough.
12. Cover with a cloth and leave it for 30-45 minutes.
13. Heat oil in a pan.
14. When hot enough, drop the donuts one by one carefully into the hot oil.
15. You can fry in batches of eight.
16. When both the sides are golden, remove from oil and allow it to cool.
17. After frying all the donuts, prepare the chocolate.
18. In a double boiler melt the bitter sweet chocolate.
19. When silky and smooth, dip the donuts one by one and arrange on a tray. If the temperature is high then refrigerate the donuts until the chocolate layer sets.
20. Melt the white chocolate chips in a double boiler. Pour it into a zip lock or plastic bag.
21. Cut a tiny hole in the corner and pipe out lines on the donuts.
22. When set serve immediately along with a cup of coffee.

Mix curd, vanaspathi, sugar, vanilla.

Add it to salted flour.

Add milk and beat.

Stir in the remaining flour.

Keep on adding flour until it sticks no more.

Knead for another 5 minutes and set it aside for 1 hour.

When double press it to remove air.

Dust the counter with flour and flatten the dough.

Roll into a 1/3" thick disc and cut out donut shapes.

Arrange on a tray and set it aside for 30 minutes.

Deep fry in oil.

When golden remove from oil.

Melt chocolate.

Dip the donut in chocolate.

Arrange on a tray.

Melt the white chocolate and take it in a plastic bag.

Pipe out lines on the chocolate coated donuts.

Serve and Enjoy!!

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