Eggless Krispy Kreme Donuts

I was watching TLC last week in which there was a program on Krispy Kreme Donuts. I was fascinated by the process of making the donuts. Yesterday when I was browsing the net for some recipes I saw the recipe for Krispy Kreme donuts. The glaze for the donuts was just like I saw in the program and I was interested. I noted down the recipe and tried it out today. The result was amazing. I just loved the soft donuts with the nice sweet glaze. Has anyone tasted paal bun available in tea shops in Tamil Nadu? This donut tastes just like it with the extra flavour of butter. This is the first time I am preparing the deep fried version of donuts and I am so happy with the result. Last time when I visited Chennai, I bought some chocolate coated mini donuts for my daughter from City Centre. So when I told that I was going to try donuts, she was so happy but when she saw that these donuts are with out the chocolate glaze, she was very much disappointed and she didn't want to taste them. But PK liked it very much. So next time I am planning to do some mini donuts with chocolate glaze just to satisfy Sruti. This also makes a great party snack. So for the fifth day of the month long Blogging Marathon I am posting it under Party Special..

Recipe Source: Instructables
Makes 15 Donuts
For The Donuts:
All Purpose Flour/ Maida-2 1/2 cups
Dalda/ Shortening-3 tbs
Lukewarm Milk-2/3 cup
Sugar-1/4 cup
Salt-1/2 tsp
Yogurt/ Curd-1/4 cup
Baking Soda-a pinch
Instant Yeast-1 1/2 tsp
Oil-To Deep Fry

For The Glaze:
Butter-1/4 cup
Icing Sugar-1 cup
Milk-3 tbs
Vanilla Essence-1 tsp

1. In a bowl mix flour, sugar, salt, yeast and shortening.
2. In a bowl mix curd and baking soda and mix well.
3. Add this to the flour mixture and mix well.
4. Add warm milk to the flour and knead to make a sticky dough. If there is still flour, add 2-3 tbs of water to bind every thing together.
5. Take the dough to the counter and knead it for 10 minutes until soft, smooth and elastic.
6. Place the dough in a clean bowl and cover with a cling wrap.
7. Set it aside to prove.
8. After 1 hour or after the dough is double in volume, deflate it.
9. Dust it with flour and roll it into a disc of 1/3" thick. 
10. If you have a donut cutter cut out donuts out of the rolled out disc. Otherwise use a bowl 3 1/2" in diameter to cut out the outer circle. The with an 1" cap of a bottle cut out the inside of the circle.
11. Arrange the cut out donuts on a tray.
12. Cover with a kitchen towel and keep it aside for 30-40 minutes.
13. Meanwhile make the glaze.
14. In a bowl take sugar and vanilla essence. Melt butter and add it to the sugar.
15. Add milk and mix well. Keep it aside.
16. Heat oil in a pan.
17. After the donuts are proved, deep fry 2 at a time until golden. Fry on medium flame.
18. Remove from oil and arrange on plate.
19. After finishing with all the donuts, dip each donut in the glaze and coat it well.
20. Place a wire rack on a tray to catch the dripping glaze.
21. Arrange the glazed donuts on the wire rack. 
22. Let it air dry for 1 hour.
23. Store in airtight box. It is better to refrigerate the remaining donuts.

Mix flour, sugar, salt, yeast, dalda and curd.

Add milk and make a sticky dough.

Knead for 10 minutes.

Keep it aside until double.

Roll out the dough into a disc. Cut out the outer circle.

Using a small cutter cut the inner circle.

Place the donuts on a tray.

Keep it aside until double.

Deep fry the donuts until golden.

Drain and place on a plate.

Mix sugar, vanilla and butter.

Add milk and make the glaze.

Dip the donuts in the glaze.

Arrange on wire rack.

Dip the small donuts in the glaze.

Who wants one???

These mini donuts were so tasty...

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