Recipe Contest- Winning Recipes

Happy Women's Day to All My Readers

Last month I announced the Recipe contest -Sweets and giveaway from Cuponation, I got nearly 20 entries. I really had a tough time sorting them out and selecting the winning entry. As every entry was a delicious sweet i chose the sweets according to the difficulty level, presentation and the recipe details. Though I have selected only three recipes, all the other entries were awesome.

First I will give you the recipes I got  as the entries and the winners will be announced at the end.

Suchi's Kerala Traditional Dish Orappam
Shewata's Chocolate Filled Gulab Jamuns
Uma's Carrot Halwa
Rama's Microwave Therattupal - Rama is a non blogger
Sharanya's Foxtail Millet Ladoo
Sharanya's Double Decker Burfi
Siri's 7 Cup Burfi Modified
Shruti's Rasmalai
Manjula's Rajasthani Ghevar with Rabdi
Faiza's Strawberry Pancake
Raksha's Rice Phirni with Rose Infused Strawberries
Shree's Pineapple Kesari
Faiza's Kid's Jelly
Faiza's Strawberry Milk Shake
Faiza's Strawberry Falooda
Menaga Sathya's Bread Jamun
Faiza's Egg Shaped Fruit Jelly
Shruti's Paal Kozhukattai
Shruti's Chocolate Mousse
Babitha's Pista Burfi

The winning entries:

First Prize worth Rs 1000 goes to Manjula Bharath of Desi Fiesta for Rajasthani Ghevar
She has given a detailed post on her blog and do not miss it. It is such a great post and the recipe has been clearly picturised so that anyone trying will find it easy to follow it.

Here is a short description from her: A  honeycomb shaped delicacy made using plain flour and ghee that has originated in Rajasthan- "Ghevar". Ghevars are usually and traditionally large in size approx. 200 mm. or 250 mm. (8" or 10") squares or rounds and are either sweetened with syrup or served topped with sweet rabdi (i.e. thickened milk). Lakshmi Mishtaan Bhandar in Jaipur is famous for their "melt in the mouth" Paneer ghevars and many other sweet shops in Rajasthan also specialise in the same. Ghevars are earmarked as a traditional dish for some special rituals and festivals. They are generally prepared in January for Makar Sankranti ( or you call them pongal), in March-April for Gangaur and in July-August for the Teej festival ( in some parts they celebrate karwa choth ) . But you can enjoy these at any time of the year by just following the recipe given below.So obviously pongal or makar sankranti is nearing so this will be the perfect sweet for the occasion.. 

Second Prize worth Rs 500 goes to Siri of Siri Unburned for 7 Cup Burfi

Also called as Golden Jubilee this sweet has been explained well by Siri.

Third Prize worth Rs 300 goes to Uma of Jaya's Recipes for Carrot Halwa

Congratulations to the winners. Hope you are very happy on Women's Day.

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