Walk Through Memory Lane- November Winner and December Announcement

Eleven months passed by since I started Walk Through Memory Lane Series at my blog. There are so many recipes which got collected in these eleven months and I am so proud to see all the recipes together. I think I nearly fulfilled my wish of collecting recipes from elders and there are loads and loads of recipes we can collect from our moms and MIL. I will be giving you all a surprise next month with the completion of one year of the event. Coming to this month's host - Nithu Bala of Nithu's Kitchen is guest hosting the event at her space for the month of December. For more details about the event please visit her blog.

For the month of December there is a giveaway to a lucky winner. As usual the book is by Tarla Dalal. Road side snacks are usually heart winners. And if you can prepare them at home it will be great. This book on Mumbai's Road Side Snacks will be a nice book to add to your cookery book collection. Please note that this is my contribution to the event and it is not sponsored by any body else. So please send in your entries and get a chance to win this lovely book.

Last month's WTML was guest hosted by Preethi of Preethi's Kitchen Life. She got an awesome 63 entries. I selected a number using random number generator. The entry number is 34 and the entry is Rava Cake from My Home Mantra. Congratulations to the winner. You can send me your mailing address in India to gayathriraani@gmail.com along  with your contact number to claim the prize.

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