Eggless Lemon Coconut Bread- August Baking Eggless Challenge Round Up

For the month of august, I selected Lemon Coconut Bread from Orange Blossom Water by Dimah. The members tried to make the bread eggless. I am giving all the recipes tried out by the members of our group.

1. Sowmya of Nivedhanam substituted eggs with flax seeds and added tutti frutti for the extra flavour.

2. Kpks of Myriad Musings use fried gram flour and yogurt in the bread and has baked it as muffins.

3.Hema of Aromatic Cooking has tried it with flax seed powder as the egg substitute.

4. Vaishali of Ribbon's to Pasta's substituted eggs with flax seeds powder and the result looks amazing.

5. Priya Suresh of Priya's Versatile Recipes has used condensed milk as the egg substitute and the bread looks awesome.

6. Archana of The Mad Scientist's Kitchen has again tried it out with flax seeds powder and the bread looks very fluffy.

7. Gayathri of Gaju's Kitchen has used condensed milk and has got great result.

8. The bread from Gayathri's Cook Spot. I used milk and vinegar as the egg substitute. The resultant bread was little flat but extremely soft. But next time I would prefer curd instead of milk as the egg substitute.

Hope you had a nice time going through the recipes. If you want to be part of this group, then please mail me your details to or leave a comment at the group page