Walk Through Memory Lane- June Announcement

Before I go to the event announcement, I need to share with you some of my experiences for the past 10days. Any regular reader of my blog would have noticed that my blog is missing updates for the past 2 weeks. The reason behind this absence is, I was on a road trip to Shirdi to have Darshan of Shirdi Sai Baba's Samadhi Mandhir. On the way to Shirdi, we visited some other places situated in remote villages in the state of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. K himself drove the car and we travelled 3100km in 8 days.

Here are the places we visited during our trip:
Adhoni-Temple of Lakshmamma
Ganagapura-Temple of Sri Dattatreya and Shri Narasimha Saraswathi 
Mantralaya-Samadhi and Mutt of Shri Raghavendra
Kuruvapura-Temple of Shri Dattatreya and Sri Pada Sri Vallabha
Akkalkot-Temple of Shri Swami Samarth
Shirdi-Samadhi Mandir of Shri Sai Baba

We had wonderful darshan at every place. Kuruvapura is situated in between two rivers. We had to cross half the river in a circular boat(called as parisal in Tamil) and half the river by walk. Then we had to walk atleast 3km through sand dunes and fields to reach the temple. It was a remote village and we didn't know the language also. I managed with Kannada (though they told that my Kannada was very different. I dont' know the northern accent) and Hindi to reach the temple. From the temple, the other river was also seen. The temple is exactly in the border of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. It was a very nice experience. We managed to go to all the places easily and I think it was God's grace that we did so. We also had Baba's Darshan. It was so nice and I really didn't want to return back. But duty calls. So yesterday at 5:30AM we started from Shirdi and K drove non stop for 29hours and we reached Madurai at 10:00am. We travelled 1600KM in the last 30 hours. He is very tired and as soon as we came home he started sleeping. I think this will be a memorable trip for the whole year. 

For the month of June, Pradnya of Pumpkin Farm is guest hosting the event. Please hop on to her space for the event rules. For this month the book I am going to give is Punjabi Khana by Tarla Dalal. I learnt a lot about Punjabi food from this book and I cooked up a special Punjabi Thali with confidence. The result was great and the instructions are very easy to follow. I loved the book and so I thought any one of you can win it and enthrall your guests with the dishes. This is not a sponsored giveaway. I am giving it on my own interest and Pradnya-the host this month, is not eligible for this give away. Looking forward to great recipes this month from you all.

I will be announcing the winner of May tomorrow. Please stay tuned to this space because it could be you...

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