Porikadalai Murukku

My daughter is crazy about murukku. When I was talking to my mom, she gave me this recipe. Usually when she uses fried gram in murukku, it breaks a lot and it is very difficult to shape it into murukku. Last week, accidentally she added hot water to prepare the dough and the murukku came out perfect. When she shared this information, I tried it at home. When Sruti came from school, she tried it and was totally impressed with this murukku and the next two days she took it to school for her snacks.  I am linking this to Kid's Delight-Evening Snacks and Tiffin started bySrivalli and hosted by Vardini Koushik.

Rice Flour-2cups
Fried Gram/ Porikadalai-1/2cup
Sesame Seeds-4tbs
Salt-to taste
Oil-For Deep Frying

1. Grind fried gram to a fine powder.
2. In a bowl add rice flour, fried gram powder, salt and sesame seeds. Mix well.
3. Heat water. Do not bring it to boil. When it is hot to touch add it little by little to the flour mixture and mix with a spoon until everything comes together.
4. Let it cool down. Knead it into a soft dough.
5. Take a ball of dough into the murukku press.
6. Heat oil. Press out small murukkus on the back of a ladle. Invert the ladle carefully so that the murukku falls into the oil.
7. Fry until the sizzling stops.
8. Drain oil and transfer onto a plate.
9. When they cool down, store in airtight jar.

Mix all the ingredients.

Prepare a soft dough with hot water.

Take the dough in a murukku press.

Press out murukku on the back of a ladle. Invert this on hot oil and fry.
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