Onion Kulcha

For last month's ICC, Srivalli chose stuffed kulchas. But due to some reasons, the ICC was cancelled last month. So we had to do it for this month's challenge. Kulchas are Punjabi flat bread usually made with all purpose flour/ maida and leavened with baking powder and baking soda. I have posted three kulcha recipes so far.(Punjabi KulchaGarlic KulchaPaneer Kulcha-Please click the link for recipes) Srivalli gave three recipes for three different stuffing. I chose to prepare onion stuffing. While preparing the stuffing, please take care to remove all the water from the onions before you stuff because, while rolling the kulcha it will be very difficult if there is water in the stuffing. You can either bake the kulchas in a oven or cook it on stove top. I used the stove top method because, I find it easier than the oven method. I prepared a gravy with moong sprouts and had a filling dinner.

All Purpose Flour/ Maida-2cups
Salt-to taste
Baking Soda-1/8tsp
Baking Powder-1/2tsp

For The Filling:
Green Chillies-4
Coriander Leaves-3tbs
Salt-to taste
Cumin Seeds-1/2tsp

  1. Mix all the ingredients for the filling and keep it aside.
  2. Mix flour, salt, baking soda and baking powder in a bowl.
  3. Add oil and yogurt/ curd. Mix well.
  4. Add enough water and knead a soft dough.
  5. Cover and keep it aside for 1-2hours.
  6. Divide the dough into six equal portions.
  7. Roll out each portion into a circle.
  8. Remove any water content from the filling. Place a tbs of filling in the middle.
  9. Bring the edges to the centre to cover the filling. Pinch to seal.
  10. Dust the dough with flour and carefully roll the ball into a thick circle.
  11. Heat a tawa. Place the rolled disc on tawa and cook both sides until golden.
  12. Smear ghee on both sides and serve it hot along with a gravy of your choice.
I am also linking this to Magic Mingle#6 with the magic ingredients All purpose flour and Coriander.

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