Maida Burfi and A Celebration

Marriage is am important stage in a person's life. It is one of the happiest occasion always connected to celebrations and fun. The occasion is the start of a wonderful journey for the bride and the groom in which they know about each other and share their joys and sorrows and make each other's life happier. You will be wondering why I have come up with this topic. Aarthi of Yummy Tummy blog, who is a great blogger friend is getting married next week. I would like to wish Aarthi and Satheesh A Very Happy Married Life on this day.To celebrate some of her friends including me are trying out some recipes from her space. I tried out her maida burfi recipe and it came out very delicious. I did some changes to the recipe and the result was so nice. My daughter and nephew enjoyed this sweet treat. When I introduce a new sweet to my daughter, I usually tell her a known name. If she likes it then I will give her the original name of the sweet. So I told her that the sweet is mysorepak (which she likes the most) and as the colour was yellow, I could easily deceive her into eating it. Then after she told that the sweet is nice, I told her the real name. As she liked it I am quite happy. Thanks Aarthi for the lovely recipe.

Recipe Source: Aarthi
Maida/ All Purpose Flour-1cup
Coconut Powder-1/3cup
Cardamom Powder-1/2tsp
Lemon Yellow Food Colour
Almonds-For Garnish

1. In a pan heat 1/2cup of ghee. 
2. Add the maida and saute until aromatic.
3. Transfer to a bowl.
4. In another pan add sugar with a cup of water and bring it to boil.
5. When the syrup reaches one thread consistency, add the maida, food colour, cardamom powder and coconut powder.
6. Mix well and keep on stirring until it becomes thick.
7. Add in chopped nuts and remaining ghee.
8. Grease a square tin or a tray and keep it ready.
9. Keep on stirring the mixture until it leaves the sides and forms a mass.
10. Pour into the tin or tray and smoothen the top with a greased ladle or spoon. I used a spatula.
11. Place the almonds at regular intervals and allow the mixture to cool.
12. When the top has hardened and the mixture still warm, cut into small pieces with a sharp, greased knife.
13. When completely cool, cut along the lines and separate pieces.
14. Store in airtight jar.

                                         From buds of two trees Flowers bloomed
                                                     To unite your two hearts
                                                          Marriage blossomed

                                                        Vows exchanged today
                                    are to keep you tied today through eternity
                                     It's in heaven today you maybe wedded,
                     but here are the million wishes that you remain eternally bonded.

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