Eggless Butter Tart- Round Up

For the month of April, in the Baking Eggless group, I chose to try out butter tarts. These are tiny tarts of Canadian Cuisine. Pastry shells are filled with butter, sugar and egg mixture and baked until semi solid. The filling consists of nuts either, pecans or walnuts. As substituting the eggs in the filling was a nice challenge, I chose it. The members of the group tried out with various substitutes, I would say all the tarts look awesome. If any of you are interested in joining the group and try out eggless bakes, please mail me with your name, blog's name, e-mail id and blog url to

These are the successful experiments by the members of the group:

1. Renuka of Pinch Of Salt  substituted eggs with corn flour and used pistas and almonds for the crunch. Aren't they lovely?

Renuka's Butter tarts (click to view recipe)      

2.  Priya Suresh of Priya's Versatile Recipes tried out the filling with custard powder and light cream as egg substitutes. She has also used cashew nuts for the filling. They sure look delicious...

Priya's Butter Tarts(click to view recipe) 

3. Jayanthi of Sizzling Veggies  has done a great job of using silken tofu and light cream instead of eggs. She has also used almonds and raisins for the crunch. They look awesome.

Jayanthi's Butter Tarts(click to view recipe) 

4. Hema of Aromatic Cooking has tried out these tarts with flax meal and light cream and raisins. She describes this as utterly butterly delicious. They surely look delicious..

Hema's Butter Tarts(click to view recipe) 

5. Rasi of Vegetarian Food And Me has used silken tofu instead of eggs and walnuts and raisins for the cruch. I love to take a bite into it, Rasi!

Rasi's Butter Tarts(click to view recipe) 

6. Priya of Culinary Chronicles has used peanut butter, heavy cream and condensed milk for the filling and has decorated it with chocolate chips. A very rich and creamy tart!

Priya's Butter tarts(click to view recipe) 

7. Nupur of UK Rasoi  tried the tarts with a filling of bread and corn starch mixture instead of eggs. She has also tried out two versions of the tart. Curious about the methods? Please take a look at her post and you will know. The tarts look fabulous, Nupur.

Nupur's Butter tarts(click to view recipe) 

8. Jayasri Ravi of Samayalarai  has substituted eggs with potato starch and condensed milk and has made a healthy crust using whole meal. She has also used pecans, hazelnuts and aisins for the crunch. The tart looks adorable, isn't it?

Jayasri's Butter Tart(click to view recipe) 

9. I used bread slices and milk instead of eggs and the filling was so soft and tasty. I also used walnuts for the crunch. 

My Recipe for the Butter Tarts(click to view recipe) 

Some of the members have tried blind baking the pastry base first, then filled it and baked it again which resulted in crispier and flakier pastry. 
Others baked it once along with the filling. 
The base baked once tend to be softer in the middle and flakier outside, but the pastry baked twice tends to stay crispy and flaky all over. 
So try it according to your taste.

The eggs in the recipe can be substituted with the following ingredients:
1. Silken Tofu
2. Bread Slices
3. Corn Starch
4. Custard Powder
5. Peanut Butter
6. Potato Starch 
7. Condensed Milk
8. Flax Meal

The list of substitutes go on and on. There are so many possibilities of getting these yummy tarts right and here are 9 possibilities which succeeded. Please take a look at all the recipes and try your version of Butter Tarts at home. 
Happy Baking!

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