Eggless Butter Milk Fruit Cake

For this month's Blog Hop Wednesday, I am paired with Roshan of Roshan's Cucina. She has a lot of delicious recipes in her blog. As I am always interested in eggless baking, I selected the recipe for Eggless Buttermilk Fruit Cake from her blog to try. The cake was so soft, fluffy and moist with the dates. I think buttermilk renders the fluffiness to the cake. The cake uses powdered white sugar unlike the other fruit cakes which use brown sugar as the sweetener. The cake was so easy to prepare. No beating the butter and sugar together. Just mix wet ingredients and dry ingredients separately. Then mix both, add the chopped fruits and bake. The cinnamon and nutmeg made the cake spicier and flavourful. Thank you Roshan for the lovely recipe.

Recipe Source: Roshan
Dry Ingredients:
Flour (Maida) – 100gms
Wheat flour – 140gms
Sugar – 160 gms
Nutmeg – 1tsp 
Ground Cinnamon – 1tsp 
Baking soda – 1tsp
Salt – 1 pinch
Wet Ingredients:
Buttermilk – 250 – 260ml
Melted butter (unsalted) – 120gms
Vanilla extract – ¾ tsp
Dry Fruits:(I used the dry fruits available in my kitchen)
The quantity of the fruits must be 275gm. Choose what is available in your pantry.
Golden Raisins-50gm

1. Deseed the dates and chop them.
2. Chop all the other fruits into tiny bits.
3. Mix flours together.
4. Take a tbs of the flour and add it with the fruits and mix it until the flour coats the fruits. This will prevent the fruits from sinking to the bottom of the cake.
5. Add baking soda, sugar and salt to the flour and mix well.
6. Melt butter and bring to room temperature.
7. Add the butter milk and vanilla essence and whisk well.
8. Preheat oven to 170C.
9. Grease and dust a 8" round tin.
10. Add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients and mix.
11. Add in the fruits and give a nice mix.
12. Pour batter into the tin and smoothen the surface.
13. Bake for 35-40minutes.
14. In between, if the cake tends to become darker on top, place an aluminium foil on top of tin and bake.
15. Insert a tooth pick and if it comes out clean, then remove the tin from the oven.
16. Let it cool for 10minutes.
17. Invert the cake onto a wire rack and remove tin.
18. When cake cools, flip it again on the serving plate.
19. Slice into wedges and serve. 


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