Eggless Coconut Buns (Bakery Style)

My husband likes coconut bun also known as thengai bun from bakeries. When ever we visit a bakery, the first snack he grabs is a piece of this thengai bun. I wanted to recreate the bun at home. Today I tried it and the result was not so bad. The bun tasted just like the ones we buy in bakery and it is also egg free and made with love. The milk wash made the bun very brown. So I covered the top with a foil and baked to avoid blackening. My daughter tasted it and told that it is nice. But she is not a great fan of it. So she stopped at two bites. When I gave it to my hubby, he said 'Supera Irukku' and asked for a second slice. I succeeded in my experiment today. Today is the sixth day of Blogging Marathon and I am linking this to Kid's Delight- Eggless and Vegan Bakes guest hosted by Priya and started by Srivalli. Linking this to Yeastspotting

Outer Dough:
Flour-1 3/4cup
Castor Sugar-1/4cup
Baking Soda-a pinch
Instant Yeast-1/2tbs
Warm Water-1/2cup

Grated Coconut-1cup(tightly packed)
Granulated Sugar-1cup
Vanilla Essence-1tsp

1. Mix flour, salt, sugar, yeast in a bowl.
2. In a cup, add curd and baking soda and mix well until fluffy.
3. Add butter, curd mixture to the flour and mix well.
4. Add luke warm water to the flour and knead a slightly sticky dough.
5. Start with 1/4cup of water and add in tbs as required.
6. You may not want the 1/2 cup of water fully.
7. Knead the dough for 10minutes until smooth and silky.
8. Keep it covered for 1 hour- 1 1/2hours until double in volume.
9. Meanwhile prepare the filling.
10. Mix coconut, sugar, milk, vanilla and butter in a sauce pan and stir until slightly brown and thick.
11. Let it cool completely.
12. Grease a 8" round cake tin.
13. Punch down dough and pat it into a circle.
14. Cut out 1/4th portion of the dough and keep it aside.
15. Divide the remaining portion into two equal parts.
16. Place one part in the pan and press to cover the base. The dough will spring back. 
17. Let it rest for 10 minutes. Press it again.
18. Spread the filling on the base leaving a border of 0.5cm around.
19. Roll outthe other portion into a circle and place it on the filling. Press the edges to seal it with the base.
20. Roll out the 1/4th portion into a long rope and place it around the outer ciecumference.
21. Cover and let it rise.
22. When double, apply milk wash.
23. Preheat oven to 160C.
24. Bake for 10minutes. If it browns rapidly, cover it with aluminium foil and bake.
25. Bake for 20minutes.
26. Place the tin on a rack and let it cool for 5minutes.
27. Remove from pan and place on rack and allow it to cool completely.
28. Slice and serve.

Dough after rising.

Cut it into 3 parts.

Spread one portion on the base of the tin.

Spread the filling.

Roll out the other portion and place on the filling.

Roll out the 1/4th portion into a rope.

Place it on the outer circumference.

Milk wash and bake when doubled.

Cool on wire rack.

A closer view of the slice.

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