Vanilla and Chocolate Cake Pops

While making 3D cakes, you get a lot of cake crumbs and pieces. While I prepared the Pongal Pot Cake, there was a lot of cake and butter cream left over after the completion of the cake. The next day holidays started and I couldn't do any thing with it. I just placed the cake and the crumbs in a zip lock bag and refrigerated it. Today, I took them out in the morning and brought them back to room temperature. Preparing cake pops is quite interesting. My daughter is a great fan of these chocolate coated beauties. I prepared cake crumbs by grinding the cake pieces in mixer grinder, added the remaining icing to it and made a crumbly dough. Then I shaped it into balls, refrigerated them, coated them with chocolate and decorated with melted chocolate. My daughter came home to find these delicious cuties and was so happy. She couldn't stop munching it. I have to stop her from polishing the dish off.

Vanilla Cake Pieces-2-3
Chocolate Cake Pieces-2-3
Butter Cream Icing-1/4cup
Bitter Sweet Chocolate-125gm

1. Grind the cake to fine crumbs.
2. For 2cups of crumbs, add 1/4cup of butter cream icing.
3. Mix till the crumbs become a crumbly dough.
4. Shape into 12 lemon sized balls.
5. Refrigerate for an hour.
6. Melt chocolate in a double boiler as shown here.
7. Remove from heat and mix well.
8. Drop a ball into the melted chocolate and coat it completely with the chocolate. Use a fork or spoon to do this.
9. Remove the ball from chocolate and place on a butter paper.
10. The chocolate will harden in 5-10minutes.
11. If the chocolate becomes thick heat it again in the boiler until it comes to coating consistency.
12. Prepare a paper cone and pour the melted chocolate into it.
13. Snip the end with a scissors and move the cone in a zig zag movement on top of the balls. 
14. Allow it to harden.
15. You can serve it until serving.

These were the cake and crumbs which were lying in fridge for 5 days

Grind it to get a fine crumb.

Add 1/4cup of cream to 2cups of crumbs. I refrigerated the remaining crumbs in a zip lock bag.

Make a crumbly dough.

Make lemon sized balls.

Refrigerate for 1 hour.

Drop the ball in the melted chocolate.

Coat it with chocolate.

Carefully remove from chocolate and place on a butter paper.

Allow it to harden.

Make a paper cone and secure with cellophane tape. Fill it to 1/2 with melted chocolate.

Make designs on the pops.

Serve in cup cake liners

I also made a pop with small drops of chocolate.

You can see the soft interiors of the pop.

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