Paneer Spring Roll (With Rice Paper)

When I went to Coimbatore last time, I visited Nilgiris. I saw the Thai rice papers in the Thai section. There was a recipe for spring roll on the pack. So for experimenting, I bought one pack. Today, when I couldn't decide on a dish for the Blogging Marathon, I remembered the rice papers. But I didn't want to deep fry it because yesterday's snack was also deep fried. I kept Paneer as the main ingredient and added red and green capsicums for colour. And I also added sauces which we use for Indo Chinese recipes and the filling was so tasty. Then I started preparing the papers and it was an easy task. First I did a roll using one paper but it was extremely thin. So I decided to use two papers and it came out nice. Serve it hot along with ketchup and it will surely vanish in seconds.

Makes 6 Rolls.
Thai Rice Paper-12
Red Capsicum-1small
Green Capsicum-1small
Onion-1 medium
Green Chilly Sauce-1tbs
Soy Sauce-1/2tbs
Tomato Sauce-2tbs
Salt-to taste

1. Crumble paneer. In a non stick pan add 1/2tsp oil and saute the paneer until golden. Keep it aside.
2. In the same pan, add 1/2tsp oil and saute the capsicum pieces until bright in colour. Keep it aside.
3. Add 1tsp oil and add onions and saute till golden brown. Add chilly sauce, soy sauce and tomato sauce and saute till the onion absorbs the sauce and becomes dry.
4. Add the paneer and capsicum along with salt and sugar. Mix well, switch off stove and allow the mixture to cool.
5. In a plate take some water. Immerse one paper for 5-6 seconds.
6. Place it on a soft towel until it becomes soft.
7. Divide the filling into 6 equal parts.
8. Keep one portion of the filling in the middle of the rice paper.
9. Bring all the sides to the centre and envelope the filling.
10. Prepare another rice paper. Keep the roll fold side down in the middle of the paper and fold the sides to the centre.
11. Apply water to the open edges and fold them. They will stick together.
12. Prepare the remaining rolls. Arrange the rolls on a non stick pan and drizzle the remaining oil on the rolls.
13. Cook on medium flame and flip when one side is done. Keep on flipping until both sides are eenly brown.
14. Serve it hot with tomato ketchup.

Colourful Filling.

Thai Rice Paper.

Immerse the paper for a few seconds in water.

Place on a cloth until soft.

Place filling in the middle.

Fold the sides to envelope the filling.

Keep fold side down on another rice paper.

Fold and seal edges.

Place on a pan and drizzle little oil and cook.

Remove when both sides are brown.

Cut and serve.

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