Mexican Wedding Cake/ Russian Tea Cake

These cookies are called by different names. Italian Butternut, Southern Butter Ball, Snow Drop, Viennese Sugar Ball and Snow Ball are some of its names. I bookmarked this recipe from Joy Of . These are best for festive occasions. As Christmas and New Year are near, I will be posting recipes of cakes and cookies for the next seven days. The second week of Blogging Marathon #11 is starting today and I am doing it under the theme Seven Days Of Eggless Baking. Staring of the marathon with this cookie is the best thing to do. It just melts in the mouth. As soon as it came out of oven the cookie was so soft and I was afraid that I under baked it. But when it cooled, it became firm and crisp. Hubby and daughter liked it a lot. I also shared it with some of my hubby's employees. 

Recipe Source: Joy Of Baking
Powdered Sugar-1/4cup
Vanilla Essence-1tsp
Powdered Sugar 1/2cup for Topping

1. Blanch almonds, peel skin. Place on a foil lined baking tray and bake at 180C until light brown.
2. Remove from oven and allow it to cool.
3. Add 2tbs flour from the 2cups of flour to the almonds and powder it in a mixer grinder.
4. Beat butter and sugar until fluffy. Add vanilla essence.
5. Add salt to the flour ( 2cups-2tbs).
6. Mix the flour with the butter and stir in the almond powder.
7. Refrigerate the dough for 1 hour.
8. Line a baking tray with butter paper.
9. Preheat oven to 180C.
10. Pinch out 1" balls out of the dough.
11. Roll it into a tight ball and place it on the tray 2" apart.
12. Bake for 12-15minutes or the base of the cookie starts browning.
13. Carefully remove the cookies with the butter paper on to a flat surface.
14. Sift powdered sugar on top of the cookies with a strainer.
15. Allow it to cool thoroughly.
16. Store in airtight jar.
17. Serve along with a cup of coffee. 

Refrigerate dough

Make 1" balls and place 2" apart

Bake for 12-15minutes

Top with powdered sugar
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