Murungai Keerai / Drum Stick Leaves Adai

Drumstick leaves are so nutritious but you can never make children eat it because of its bitter taste. When I was a kid, my mom used to prepare adai with these leaves which is so delicious and we used to relish it with out complaining. This is a great way of sneaking drumstick leaves in the menu. Today is the first day of second week in the tenth edition of Blogging Marathon. I have chosen Deceptively Delicious Treats For Kids as the theme. This adai is very tasty when you use some extra oil and cook it on low flame. This goes very well with sambar and chutney. I love to have it as it is because adai itself has red chilly in it. This also has coconut pieces which gives a nice crunch when you bite into it.

Par Boiled Rice-1/4cup
Raw rice-1/4cup
Toor Dhal-1/4cup
Channa Dhal-1/4cup
Urad Dhal-3tbs
Methi Seeds-1/2tsp
Red Chilly-8
Curry Leaves-2sprigs
Drumstick Leaves-1cup
Salt-to taste
Cumin Seeds-1/2tsp
Coconut(cut into small pieces)-1/2cup

1. Soak toor dhal and channa dhal together. Soak both the rice together with methi seeds and urad dhal. Let them soak overnight.
2. Grind red chilly and cumin to a coarse paste.
3. In a wet grinder, grind the rice first to a smooth batter. Add the dhals to the rice batter and grind to a coarse mixture. Transfer to a bowl.
4. Add the red chilly paste and salt.
5. Heat a tsp oil and splutter mustard and urad dhal along with curry leaves.
6. Pour this into the batter.
7. Add the cleaned drumstick leaves and mix well.
8. This batter needs no fermentation. 
9. Heat a tawa and spread a ladle full of batter into a disc. Drizzle oil along the edges.
10. Cook on medium flame. Flip the adai and cook the other side also.
11. Drizzle some more oil to the edges.
12. Go on flipping at regular intervals until the adai is crispy.
13. Serve hot along with sambar and chutney.

Sending this to Kid's Delight- Deceptively Delicious hosted by Pavani and started by Srivalli.

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