Coffee Milk Shake

Today I prepared a frothy milk shake for my daughter. Kids those who don't drink milk will drink milk shake. I used instant coffee for flavoring and mixed in condensed milk and cream for extra richness. She just loved it. Today is the sixth day of Blogging Marathon#10. I am sending this to Kid's Delight-Deceptively Delicious hosted by Pavani and started by Srivalli.

Milk-1 1/2cups
Condensed Milk-200ml
Fresh Cream-200ml
Instant Coffee Powder-2 1/2tsp

1. Bring milk to boil. Switch off stove and add the coffee powder and condensed milk.
2. Mix it well. Allow it to cool.
3. Add the fresh cream and beat it using a hand mixer until frothy.
4. Transfer to a plastic container and chill in fridge for 3hours.
5. At the time of serving, beat it again to make it frothy and serve immediately.

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