Beetroot and Apple Smoothie

Today is the second day of Blogging Marathon#10-Group2. I have taken the theme Deceptively Delicious and am sending this as an entry to Kid's Delight with the same theme guest hosted by Pavani and started by Srivalli. This is a power packed smoothie best served chilled. The colour is very inviting and kids will surely love it. Even those who run away from beetroot will also like it. It is very filling and nutritious smoothie. The snap was taken before refrigeration. After cool the colour was darker and it looked gorgeous.

Beet root-1

1. Wrap the beetroot and carrot in a foil and bake it in oven for one hour on maximum heat.
2. Cool the vegetables and peel the skin off.
3. Cut into small chunks and transfer them to a juicer jar.
4. Add peeled and chopped apple cubes, honey and milk.
5. Run the mixer on juicer speed till completely blended.
6. Pour into tall glasses and serve it chilled.

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