Moo-Shu (Vegetarian Version)

Shelley of C Mom Cook challenged the Daring Cooks of the Daring Kitchen to try Moo Shu. This is a Chinese dish which consists of three components. A pancake, hoisin sauce and pork are put together to create Moo Shu.  In restaurants they serve all the three in a plate and the customers have to roll it by themselves according to their taste. 
The pancake was so soft and Sruti liked it very much. She applied a lot of tomato ketchup and rolled it herself.  The unknown ingredient in this dish was the bamboo shoot. Luckily, I got it in a store. But, we didn't like the flavor of the bamboo shoot. So next time, I will avoid it while preparing the vegetables. As this was the first time, I applied a lot of hoisin sauce and my hubby didn't like it. So for the next roll, I applied a little bit of the sauce and added a lot of tomato ketchup. He liked it a lot. As a whole the dish is nice and I will prepare it again omitting the bamboo shoot and hoisin sauce.
As I prepared a vegetarian version, I used Paneer instead of pork and crumbled paneer instead of scrambled eggs. I surely learnt about a dish which was unknown to me and I thank Shelly for that.

For The Pancakes:
Boiling Water-3/4cup
Salt-to taste
Vegetable Oil-1 tsp
For the Hoisin Sauce:
Soy Sauce-4tbs
Peanut Butter-2tbs
Rice Wine-2tsp(I used vinegar)
Sesame Oil-2tsp
Black Pepper-1/8tsp
For the Vegetable Filling:
Bamboo Shoot-100gm
Salt-to taste
Light Soy sauce-1tbs
Rice Wine-2tsp(I used vinegar)
Sesame Oil-a few drops

The Pancakes:

1. Mix flour, salt and oil.
2. Add boiling water little by little and mix with a spoon.
3. Prepare a soft dough.
4. Cover with a damp cloth and keep it aside for 30 minutes.
5. Knead it for 5minutes to make it smooth.
6. Pinch small portions and roll it into balls.
7. While working on a pancake, keep others covered.
8. Take two balls. Roll out each ball into a small circle.
9. Apply oil on a circle and keep the other on top.
10. Dust with flour and roll it into a thin circle.
11. There are two ways to separate the two pancakes.
12. You can separate it as soon as you roll it. Otherwise cook the pancake on a tawa until light brown spots appear. Remove from tawa and then separate the pancakes.
13. If separated after rolling, cook on a tawa until both sides have brown spots.
14. Store until serving.

Form a smooth and soft dough and pinch small portions out of it

Roll each ball into a small circle

Apply oil on one and keep the other on top

Roll into a thin circle

You can separate the circles at this stage it self

Two thin pancakes

Cook on a hot tawa until brown spots appear on both the sides

Or. cook the double pancake first until golden spots appear

Separate it afterwards

Hoisin Sauce:

1. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl.
2. The peanut butter stands alone. You have to use a spoon to mix it into the sauce.
3. This can be prepared earlier and refrigerated until further use.

Vegetable and Paneer Filling:

1. Shred cabbage into thin strips.
2. Cut the bamboo shoot, mushroom and leeks into thin strips.
3. Take 50gm of paneer and grind it in a mixer grinder with out adding water. You will get fine crumbs.
4. Heat 1/2tsp oil and saute the crumbled paneer until nice golden brown. Keep it aside.
5. Cut the remaining paneer into thin rectangles.
6. Take 1/2tsp oil in a pan and add the paneer pieces. When both the sides are golden, keep it aside.
7. Heat the remaining oil, and add mushrooms. After a minute add the bamboo shoots and leeks.
8. When they change colour add the cabbage and saute for a minute.
9. Add salt, vinegar and soy sauce.
10. When they are nicely cooked, add the crumbled paneer and paneer rectangles. Give it a nice stir and remove from flame. 

Canned bamboo shoots

These are the bamboo shoots

Slice them into thin long stripes

Cut the other veggies

Saute crumbled paneer until golden

Roast the paneer slices until golden

Saute mushrooms, bamboo shoots and leeks

Add the sauces, cabbage and paneer

1. Take a pancake on a plate.
2. Apply hoisin sauce according to your taste.
3. Keep the filling in the middle.
4. Fold the bottom so that the filling will not come out while eating.
5. Roll it into a compact roll.
6. Serve.

Apply sauce and keep the filling in the middle

Fold once from the bottom

Roll it into a compact roll


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