Home Made Khoya/ Mawa/ Khova

Khoya / Mawa is a very important basic ingredient used in many Indian sweets. I don't get mawa in any store near my house. Maybe I have to search for it. As I have to prepare some sweets for the BM#9 which uses mawa, I did a google search. It is very easy to prepare mawa at home. Only thing you need for the preparation is milk and loads and loads of patience. It took exactly 4 hours to get mawa from 2 litres of milk. you just can't leave the kitchen if you are preparing mawa. I placed the milk pan in the smaller burner and I was preparing other dishes by the same time. The mawa requires your full attention in the final stage for about 20-30minutes. I was so happy to see the result. I got nearly 250gms of mawa with 2 litres of milk.

Photo Tutorial:

I prepared mawa with cow's milk. I didn't use the packed one. If you can get it from the local milkman (that's how I got milk) think yourself lucky. Many recipes used buffalo's milk. If you can get it go on...

Boil 2 litres of milk

This was after 2hours

After 3 hours

Final stage. The mawa should come to the consistency of a sticky dough

Transfer to a bowl and cool. Use as per the recipe.

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