Eggless Banana Tart

 I saw this recipe in Fox History featuring Mauritian Cuisine. I decided to do it as soon as possible. The crust was so crisp and the banana filling was so nice. My daughter loved it. Every time when I prepare a new dish, I am always worried whether my daughter likes it or not. If I give her a piece and she tells me that it is super, then the truth is that she didn't like it. But she tells that just to satisfy me. But when she actually likes it, I will not hear any comment from her. She just asks for another piece. This banana tart has become one of her favourites and she was asking for more. She even took it to her school for her friend. I am so happy to have satisfied my daughter.

For the Crust:
Cold Water-2tbs
For the Filling:
Lemon Yellow Food Colour-a few drops

1. Mash banana and sugar.
2. Heat it. Add food colour. When the mixture starts leaving sides, switch off stove and allow it to cool.
3. Add flour and sugar.
4. Add the cold butter and rub it to resemble bread crumbs.
5. Add cold water to form a crumbly dough.
6. Reserve 1/3rd dough for the lattice work on top of the tart.
7. Divide the 2/3rd dough into 15 equal portions and line greased tart moulds and prick with fork.
8. Fill each lined mould with the banana filling.
9. Roll out the remaining dough into a thin circle between two cling wraps.
10. Cut into strips with a pastry cutter.
11. Decorate the tart as shown in illustration.
12. Preheat oven to 180C.
13. Bake the tarts for 12-15minutes until the crust is golden.
14. Cool on wire rack before removing from the mould.
15. When cool, remove from mould and serve.

Add sugar to banana

Mash them well

Cook until the mixture leaves the sides and cool

Take flour, sugar and butter

Rub it to bread crumbs consistency

Add chilled water and form a crumbly dough

Divide 2/3rd dough into 15 portions

Line the greased tart moulds with the dough

Fill with the banana mixture

roll the remaining dough between two cling wrap.

Remove the top wrap and cut it into thin stripes

Decorate the top of the tart like this

Bake for 15 minutes



Closer look of the delicious tart

I am sending this to HCC-Healthy Bakes hosted by Priya and started by Smitha.

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