Cashew Peda

Today is the fifth day of week long Blogging Marathon#9. Today I was in no mood to do any elaborate preparation. So I just opted for this simple peda. As I had mawa ready at home, The preparation was quite easy. I really couldn't keep my hands off this peda. It is so delicious. My hubby and Sruti are yet to taste it. Hope they like it.

Mawa / Khoya/ Unsweetened Khova-200gm
Saffron-a few strands
Cashew nuts for decoration

1. Dry roast cashew and grin it to a coarse powder.
2. Add sugar and 1/4cup water along with saffron in a heavy  bottomed pan. 
3. When the syrup becomes sticky and thick, add cashew powder and mawa. Mix well.
4. When the mixture starts thickening, add ghee and mix well.
5. When the mixture forms a ball leaving the sides, pour it into a greased plate and place the cashew on top.
6. When cool, cut into desired shapes and store.
7. This makes a great gift for your loved ones.

Roast cashew

Grind to a coarse powder

Take mawa

Heat sugar, water and saffron

When the syrup becomes sticky, add the cashew powder and mawa

Add ghee when the mix thickens

When it leaves the sides, pour into greased plate, decorae with cashew and cut into desired shapes

Remove from the plate and serve
Sending this to Only Sweets and Desserts started by Pari and guest hosted by me.
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