Vanilla Paneer Mousse in crispy Rice Cups

This month's Daring Bakers' Challenge was hosted by Evelyn of Cheap Ethnic Eatz. She challenged us to prepare maple syrup mousse served in edible container. Maple syrup is not available in Madurai. So I searched for an alternative in the web. I got the recipe for homemade maple syrup. It required maple essence and I couldn't get that too. The recipe also suggested in using vanilla essence. So I prepared vanilla syrup(as it has vanilla essence) at home. I don't know the taste of maple syrup. But in the daring bakers'forum, one of the bloggers hinted that it is slightly bitter. This recipe uses caramalised sugar and so it did give a slight bitter taste. It was so delicious. I also drizzled this syrup on a cake and it tasted so nice. Now I have a jar full of this syrup refrigerated for future use.
The next step is preparing the mousse. The mousse Evelyn suggested had eggs. The vegan version uses tofu. I didn't want to try that. So I used Paneer as an alternative to tofu and the result was so nice. My daughter liked it so much. She couldn't stop eating that.
The next step is to create an edible container. This was the toughest part of the challenge. I wanted to prepare something unique. It took nearly 2 weeks to get the idea. I rememberd the Achu Murukku(south Indian snack) I thought of using the achu murukku batter to create the container. I really struggled a lot to get it right. After 6 or 7 attempts I just got it right. Now lets move on to the recipe..

Home Made Vanilla Syrup-Substitute for Maple Syrup
Brown Sugar-1cup
Vanilla or Maple extract-1tsp

1. In a heavy bottomed pan take sugar and switch on flame.
2. Do not stir. The sugar will start caramelizing from the sides and will spread inwards.
3. Meanwhile add water and brown sugar. Bring it to boil. When the sugar has completely dissolved, strain it in a strainer to get rid of dust.
4. When the sugar has completely caramelized, add the brown sugar water little by little.
5. Be careful because both water and the caramel are so hot that it will start erupting.
6. After adding mix it well and let it boil.
7. When the mixture comes to syrup consistency, add butter and switch off flame.
8. Add the essence and mix well.
9. When cool store in air tight jar.

Paneer and Vanilla Syrup Mousse:
Maple Syrup or Vanilla Syrup-1/4cup
Agar Agar-5gm

1. Add the agar agar sheet to maple syrup and let it stand for 10 minutes.
2. Bring the syrup to boil and let the agar agar dissolve.
3. Switch off flame and allow it to cool.
4. In a mixer, blend paneer unti smooth. Add the syrup mixture and blend it well.
5. Transfer the mixture to a plastic bowl, cover with wrap and refrigerate.
6. The mousse is ready.

Rice Flour Cups:
Rice Flour-30gm
Black Sesame Seeds-1 tsp

1. Mix all the ingredients. Add water and prepare a batter to idli batter consistency.
2. Heat oil in a pan for deep frying.
3. Hold a stainless steel tumbler with tongs and immerse it in hot oil.
4. Immediately dip it in the batter.
5. The batter will stick to the base of the tumbler.
6. Now immerse the tumbler with the batter in oil.
7. When the cups are done, with the help of a sharp knife, remove the cup from the tumbler.
8. Take out the cup from oil and keep on a tissue paper.
9. Once cool it will be very crispy.
10. Serve the mousse in these cute cups.

P.S: I added 1/4cup milk to the mousse and blended it again. I kept this mixture in the freezer and served it when set. I drizzled some syrup on top of the mousse.  My daughter just loved it.

Photo Tutorial:

Dip the tumbler in hot oil

Immediately dip it in the batter

Immerse it in hot oil

When the cup is golden brown, remove it with the help of a sharp knife

Once done remove from oil

Crispy cups are ready
I am sending this along with Sweet Paniyaram to Celebrate sweets- Sweets with Rice hosted by Priya and started by Niveditha

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