Seeni Avaraikkai / Cluster Beans Vatral

Today is the second day of the week long Blogging Marathon#4 by Srivalli. I am posting on 7 days of preserves. Today I will be giving a very simple recipe which tastes very great. This vatral when bought in stores, tastes very salty. But when you prepare this at home, it comes out super crispy and tasty. There is also another method in which they soak the vatral in butter milk. But my mom prepares it like this. So even I follow her method.

Cluster Beans/ Seeni Avaraikkai-1kg

1. Wash the beans thoroughly and drain water.
2. In a pressure cooker add water to the beans. Make sure that the water is enough for the beans to immerse in.
3. Add salt.
4. Cook the beans for 2 whistles. 
5. Remove the weight immediately (Be careful when releasing pressure) and open the cooker.
6. Drain water in a strainer.
7. Spread the cooked beans on a clean cloth on your terrace.
8. Let this dry for 2-3days in sun.
9. Store in air tight box.
10. Deep fry in oil when needed.
11. Enjoy..

Wash the beans

Pressure cook

Dry in sun for 3 days
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