Nei Kadalai In Kai Murukku Kinnam / Kai Murukku Cups

For this month's Daring Cook's Challenge  Renata of Testado, Provado & Aprovado! has challenged the daring cooks to come up with savory edible containers. I wanted to prepare a regional dish this time. Before 10 years, my student has told me about this kai murukku kinnam. I have been practicing kai murukku for a long time. So when the challenge was announced, I thought of preparing this murukku kinnam. 
This post may be a long post, but please bear with me. The first step is to give you all the recipe of kai murukku and then spiraling out the murukku. I am also including the recipe of Nei Kadalai in this post.
I have also added an you tube video explaining the process of preparing kai murukku.
It is a mix of snaps and a small video shot by my hubby. I am going to upload videos to Youtube. I request all my readers to subscribe to my channel. I will not disappoint you. I am planning to do some videos on South Indian Delicacies, for which there are very few videos on You tube. You can subscribe it here:
Video showing the procedure:

Now let us move on to the recipe.

Kai Murukku:
Par Boiled Rice(Idli arisi)-200gm
Fried Gram(Pori Kadalai)-50gm
Salt-To taste
Black Sesame Seeds(Karuppu Ell)-2tbs
Oil For deep frying

1.     Soak rice for 3 hours.
2.     Grind in a wet grinder to form a thick and smooth paste.
3.     Take the paste in a bowl.
4.     Grind fried gram in a mixer grinder to a fine powder.
5.     Add fried gram powder, salt and sesame seeds to the paste.
6.     Melt butter and add it to the mixture.
7.     Knead to prepare a soft dough. If you feel that the dough is very sticky, then place the dough in a white cotton cloth and cover it with the cloth. The cloth will absorb the extra water.
8.     Divide dough into lemon sized balls.
9.     Keep the balls covered to avoid drying. Work one at a time.
10.   Apply oil in your fingers. Prepare murukku as shown in the video on a tissue paper or white cotton cloth.
11.  Prepare all the murukku in the same way.
12.  Heat oil. Keep flame at medium and deep fry murukku. Do not crowd the pan. Fry 3 at a time.
13.  When the colour is nice brown, remove it and place on a tissue paper to remove excess oil.
14. Kai murukku is ready!

 Nei Kadalai:
Channa Dhal(Kadalai Paruppu)-1cup
Salt-to taste
Pepper Powder/Red Chilly Powder-to taste

1.     Soak channa dhal for 2 hours.
2.     Drain the dhal and place on a white cloth to remove any trace of water.
3.     Heat oil in a pan.
4.     Deep fry the soaked dhal until it turns golden brown.
5.     Drain oil in a strainer.
6.     Add salt and pepper powder/red chilly powder to taste.
7.     Enjoy!

For the Kinnam/Cups:
1.     Grease small aluminium bowls on the outside.
2.     Take the dough ball and start preparing spirals on the bowl, starting at the top. Leave ½ cm and start spiraling. This will help you in removing murukku from the bowl.
3.     Prepare 2 at a time.
4.     Deep fry till golden brown along with the bowl.
5.     Remove from oil when done and let it cool thoroughly. Don’t hurry.
6.     Remove the bowl carefully from the murukku.
7.     Serve it filled with Nei Kadalai.
      8.     It will surely please your guests. 

As I am still at the learning stage, my murukku is not so perfect. Try Try and Try to get it right. All The Best!

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