Keppai/Ragi Koozh

It is very hot here in Madurai. When my hubby comes home for lunch, he needs some drink which cools him down. Koozh is a perfect cooling drink. You can see many road side vendors selling this koozh. But it tastes great when we prepare it at home. My mom used to prepare very tasty koozh. I got the recipe from her and am preparing it.Topped with some sliced pearl onions it tastes divine. It looks so traditional when served in a mud bowl. We relished it with mango pickle and bitter gourd vatral.

Ragi/ Finger Millet Flour-1cup
Cooked Rice-1/2cup
Salt-to taste
Pearl Onions-5

The Day Before Preparation: (Prepare this at night and let it sit overnight)
1. Mix ragi flour and rice with salt. Add water and prepare a batter of idli batter consistency. Let it ferment for 4hours.
2. Measure the ragi mix and boil same quantity of water in a heavy bottomed vessel.
3. When the water starts boiling add the ragi mixture and let it cook for 20 minutes.
4. Stay nearby and stir it often to avoid burning.
5. If the mixture is not cooked properly, them it will surely create stomach ache. So to be on the safer side, cook it for 20 minutes on medium low flame.
6. Once cooked, switch off stove and close the vessel. Let it rest for 8-10hours. This will make the koozh tastier.
On The Day:
7. The mixture will become like a sticky dough. That is perfect.
8. Take require amount of the mix in a separate bowl. For 1 cup of Koozh, take 3/4cup mix and 1/4cup water along with 2tbs curd.
9. If you like more curd in koozh, then add some more. Adjust salt according to your taste. 
10. Add some thinly sliced pearl onion on top and give a stir.
11. Enjoy with pickle or vatral of your choice.

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