Puliodharai and my first Event announcement

In our house anyone who thinks of my mom will surely remember the delicious puliodharai she prepares. I have never prepared it. One day when I was talking with her, I asked her for the recipe. I tried it at once and it has become a hit at my home. Both hubby and daughter loves it. Whenever my mom visits one of  my aunts she will prepare a jar full of thokku to give to her sister. While returning, she will prepare it for them for their future use. While going on tours, puliodharai will be the star dish. My mom has a lot of fans among friends and relatives for this particular puliodharai. So I tried reproducing it. It will take another two or three times to attain perfection. Any how it was so yummy.

Ingredients For Thokku/Paste:
Till Oil(Nallennai)-1/2cup
Peanuts(Nilakadalai Paruppu)-1/2cup
Channa Dhal(Kadalai Paruppu)-1/3+1/6cup
Urad dhal(Ulundamparuppu)-2tbs
Curry Leaves(Kariveppilai)-a handful
Red Chilly(Milagai Vatral)-4
Turmeric powder(Manjal Podi)-1/4tsp
Salt(Uppu)-to taste
For the Powder:
Urad Dhal(Ulundhamparuppu)-1tbs
Channa Dhal(Kadalai Paruppu)-1tbs
Methi seeds(Vendayam)-1tsp
Red Chilly(Milagai Vatral)-12-15
Coriander Seeds(Kothumalli Vidai)-1 1/2tbs
Sesame seeds(Ellu)-2tbs(optional. See P.S)

1. Dry roast the ingredients given for the powder until golden brown. Roast each ingredient separate. Grind to a fine powder.
2. Soak tamarind and extract juice. The juice should measure 4 cups.
3. Heat oil, add peanuts. When slightly roasted add channa dhal and roast every thing till golden brown. 
4. Add mustard, urad dhal. When splutters add asafoetida, curry leaves, turmeric powder and red chillies.
5. Add the tamarind extract and let it boil.
6. Add salt to taste. Keep the pan covered. When water content reduces, the paste will splutter a lot.
7. When 90%of the water is evaporated, add the prepared powder. Give it a nice stir.
8. The paste will leave oil. Switch off stove.
9. Allow it to cool. Store in Jar. You can refrigerate it for more than a week.

10. For Puliodharai: Cook required quantity of rice.
11. Spread it on a wide plate and allow it to cool.
12. Take some paste and slowly mix it with rice. This procedure has to be done gently without breaking the rice.
13. Add paste according to your taste. Enjoy

P.S: When adding sesame seeds in the powder, the paste will not leave oil. the seeds tend to absorb all the oil. Don't panic. If you mix with rice then the oil will be there to make your rice delicious.
Adding sesame seeds is optional.

Now coming to the next topic:
I am very happy to announce my very first event today. While I was thinking about of lot of dishes to post in my blog, I remembered some of my childhood favourites which mom used to make for us. To be frank, I really don’t know the recipe for most of those dishes. So if I have to prepare, I have to call my mom. Every one reading this post might have gone through this experience.
Why not bring those wonderful dishes to the world? We will walk through our memory lane and try to remember some of the yummy dishes mom made, prepare it and share with others.
We will concentrate on regional dishes. Not anything international or baked. Ask your mom or mom-in-law or grand mother or elders of the family for the exact recipe and try to reproduce it the same way. Let’s go regional. Please explain the details of the dish and the reason why you love it, in your blog.

               Walking Through The Memory Lane

Rules Of The Event:
1. Please post a regional dish which was prepared by your mom during your childhood days.
2. No baking and international recipes please!
3. You can also send archived entries.
4. Please link your post to this announcement page.
5. Please use logo to spread the word.
6. Only Vegetarian Recipes accepted. Please omit eggs also.
7. Mail your entries to gayathrisevents@yahoo.in in the following format
         Your Name
         Your Blog's Name
         Your Recipe's Name
          Url of the Recipe
8. I will copy the image from your post. You don't have to attach a photo.
9. Non-Bloggers can also send in your entries. Please send the recipe along with the photo to my email-ID.

This is the final day of the week long Blogging Marathon we are running. Please do check out my friend's posts for many more interesting recipes.
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Baked Goods: Monika
For On Going Events: Usha 
Kids Friendly: PJSavitha, SmithaSrivalliVeena Aravind 
Rice Varieties: ChampaDivyaPadma

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