Crispy Strawberry Rolls(With Sourdough Starter)

This is the first time I bought and tasted strawberries. Yes, it is true. I usually see strawberries beautifully packed in the nearby supermarket. But the price is so high that I never like to buy it. When the event with strawberry was announced, I bought a box of strawberries(It is really costly) When I tasted the first strawberry, it disappointed me. It was so sour. Then I tried making these rolls. In baking something which is sour will make a great dish. So I used these strawberries and the result was great. With the same dough, next time I should try a savory filling. 
As for the dough it is sort of bread dough mixed up with biscuit dough. That is why the crust was so crispy and the interior was soft. This is the outcome of my experimenting. If any of you try this, please let me know the taste. This can also be prepared with butter to get the rich buttery taste. My hubby liked it and has taken the whole batch for his friends.

For the dough:
Sourdough Starter-3/4cup
Salt-a pinch

For the Filling:
Strawberry-1cup(cut to small pieces)
Bread Crumbs-3-4tbs
Pumpkin seeds-2tbs
Vanilla extract-1/2tsp
Cut fruits-2tbs

1. Mix all the ingredients for the dough and prepare a soft dough.
2. Knead it for 10minutes. Place in a bowl and cover with cling wrap.
3. Keep it aside for 2 hours.
4. It will slightly puff up. Knead the dough for another 1 minute.
5. When the dough is rising, prepare the filling.
6. Grind the pumpkin seeds to a coarse powder.
7. Mix sugar and strawberries. Leave it for some time. It will leave out some liquid. Now mix in the bread crumbs, pumpkin seed powder, vanilla and cut fruits. If the filling is watery add more bread crumbs.
8. Prepare the dough as shown in photo tutorial.
9. Preheat oven to 175C.
10. Place little filling in the cut dough pieces.
11. Fold dough over and press the sides to seal.
12. Arrange on a greased baking tray.
13. Bake for 15minutes.
14. Flip the rolls. Bake again for 15 minutes.
15. Cool on wire rack.
16. Serve with tea or coffee.

Photo Tutorial:
As I have shown the preparation of the dough many times in the previous posts, I am starting from the rolling part.

Roll the dough into a circle

Fold it twice so that three layers are formed

Roll it into a rectangle

Bring one end to the centre

Fold the other side over

Again roll it to a square

Fold it into half

Bring both ends to the middle

Fold them over as for a book

Roll it to a rectangle

Cut it into two

Roll each portion into a square and cut into 8 rectangles

Keep the filling(I reduced the filling because this amount of filling oozed out)

Fold it over and press edges togrther to seal

Arrange on a tray

Flip the rolls after 15 minutes and bake
Enjoy with tea
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