French Baguette

I needed baguette for the garlic crumbs used as a topping for cassoulet which I prepared for The Daring Cook, Challenge. I was browsing through the web for the recipe and I saw this recipe here. I got two baguette breads. I prepared the crumbs with one baguette and the other one, we enjoyed with the cassoulet. It was so yummy..

Previous day:
Flour-1 1/2cups
Warm Water-3/4cups
Instant Yeast-1/4 tsp

On the day:
Flour-1 1/4-1 1/2cups
Warm Water-1/3cup
Instant Yeast-1/4tsp
Salt-to taste

1.     Mix the previous day ingredients in a bowl with a wooden spoon.
2.     The dough will be sticky.
3.     Cover with wrap and set it on counter for 12-16hours.
4.     Next morning, place this in a larger bowl. Add honey water and yeast. Mix with a wooden spoon till smooth and wet.
5.     Let it rest for 10minutes.
6.     Add salt and half of the flour and mix well.
7.     Sprinkle flour on counter, pour the dough and sprinkle some more flour.
8.     Knead it till it becomes soft and elastic.
9.     Whenever you feel the dough sticky add some flour.
10. Knead it for 10minutes.
11. Oil a bowl and place the dough inside. Roll to coat.
12. Cover with wrap and let it rise for 1 ½ hours.
13. Pour the dough on counter, cut it into two.
14. Punch dough to let the air out.
15. Cover with wrap and let it rest for15 minutes.
16. Grease and dust a tray.
17. Shape each portion into a rectangle. Roll it tight and pinch seam.
18. Roll it into a log.
19. Place it seam side down on the tray.
20. Repeat for the other portion.
21. Cover with wrap and let it double.
22. Make incisions with a sharp knife and bake for 25 minutes or till it is golden brown.
23. Cool on wire rack.

Photo Tutorial:

Mix previous day ingredients and cover with wrap
After fermenting

Add water, honey and yeast
Add half of the flour and prepare a sticky dough

On the counter, sprinkle flour, pour the dough
and sprinkle some more flour
Prepare a soft and smooth dough and knead for 10 minutes

Oil a bowl and place the dough in it
After 1 1/2 hours

Punch out air and divide into two
Press well and cover with wrap

Press each portion into a rectangle
Roll it tight and pinch seams

Roll into a log
Apply oil on a butter paper and dust with flour. Place the logs on it

After the rise give incisions 
Bake till golden brown
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