This is a famous breakfast in Tamil Nadu. The combination for this can vary according to personal tastes. Some prefer sweetened coconut milk while those who don't have a sweet tooth may go for chutney. I prefer sweetened coconut milk. But today I was so lazy that I just used milk, sugar and grated coconut ( I had a box full in the freezer) The batter should be prepared in advance and allowed to ferment overnight. This comes under dosa category. It is crisp at the outer edge and very soft in the middle. When my mom prepared aappam she used to grease the pan on the previous day to avoid sticking of aappams. But now non stick aappam pans are available and we can enjoy oil less aappams without any terrible war with the pan. Sending this to Food Palette series- White at Torview


Raw rice-1cup
Boiled Rice-1cup
Urad dhal-1/8cup
Methi seeds-1tbs
Coconut (grated)-1cup


1. Wash and soak rice, dhal and methi seeds for 3 hours.
2. Grind this with coconut to a fine thick batter.
3. Allow it to ferment for 6-8hours.
4. Add 1/4cup water with the cooking soda and mix this to the batter.
5. Add enough water tp make it thinner than dosa batter.
6. In an aappam pan apply a coating of oil using a cloth dipped in oil. If it is a non stick pan avoid this step because if you apply oil the batter will not stick to the pan initially and you will end up with a lump of batter in the middle.
7. Rotate the pan to coat the sides of the pan with batter. Tap the pan a little to bring the extra batter to the centre.
8. Close the pan with a lid and cook on low flame.
9. When the centre part is completely cooked remove the aappam from pan and serve hot with sweetened coconut milk or any chutney.
10. If you are serving aappam with chutney add salt to the batter.

Don't rotate the pan. Tilt the pan in all 8 directions to attain this effect
This is the traditional shape. Just rotate the pan

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