When I think of Rasmalai I remember my chilhood days in Pondicherry. My mom and dad would take us to beach by walk through the main bazaar( I have forgot the name of the road) and we would stop by a sweet stall( I think it is Kwality sweets) and the first thing I would order was Rasmalai. I liked it so much. Sometimes I asked for a kulfi. I just couldn't forget the taste of both. When I got the recipe of rasmalai I was so happy. I tried it and it came out very tasty. I have been using this recipe for years and it has never failed me. It is nothing but flat rasgollas with thick sweetened milk and a layer of cream and pistas. It is very easy to prepare. The recipe of home made rasgolla is given here. I am sending this to Celebrate Sweets- Bengali Sweets event hosted by PJ of Seduce Your Taste Buds and started by Nivedita.

For two servings:

Home made Rasgolla-4( While preparing balls to be dropped in the syrup flatten it to make a thick disc)
Pista-4 sliced 


1. Boil 2cups of milk and reduce flame to low.
2. Let it boil for 10minutes.
3. After it cools down refrigerate it for 1hour.
4. The top layer formed (the skin of milk/the fat content) will be thicker when refrigerated.
5. Heat 1 cup of milk with sugar and reduce it to 1/4cup.
6. Let it cool. Refrigerate it.
7. Refrigerate the flat rasgollas.
8. During the time of serving take two rasgollas, squeeze out the syrup and arrange it on the serving bowl.
9. Pour half of the reduced milk with sugar on the rasgollas.
10. Take half the skin formed on the reduced 2cups of milk.
11. Decorate with sliced pistas.
12. Enjoy!

Another Sunshine Award:

Here comes another sunshine award from my blogger friend Indrani of Recipe Junction. I would like to thank her a lot. She has a lovely blog with numerous yummy recipes. She has shared it with me on one condition. I should share it with 12 friends. As the blogosphere is full of Sunshine award I am sharing the following award with my friends

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