I always have a passion for milk sweets. I came across this recipe when going through  the net. You need a lot of patience to prepare Kalakand. But the result will be a divine sweet. I prepared it with 2 litres of milk and I got 8 lovely pieces of Kalakand. 


Paneer- Prepared from 1 lt milk
Almonds and Pistas- sliced for garnishing.


1. Boil 1 litre milk and reduce it to 1/2 litre.
2. Prepare Paneer/Cottage cheese from 1 litre of milk. Do not slice or knead. Just crumble the prepared paneer. 
3. Add the paneer to the boiling milk. Stir it continuously because it tends to stick at the bottom.
4. When the mixture reaches soft dough consistency add sugar.
5. When the mixture leaves the sides pour it into a greased plate, garnish with sliced nuts and let it cool.
6. Slice them to squares and serve.
7. The kalakand will have some liquid but it will be absorbed when cool.

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