Beetroot Halwa

This is my favourite halwa from childhood. Though I don't like beetroot I used to love this halwa. The preparation of this halwa is a very easy one and it tastes great. Sending this to food palette red event by Akheela of Torview


Sugar- To taste
Cashew- 2tbs(chopped)
Cardamom powder-1/2tsp


1. Grate beetroot and add milk and bring it to a boil. Cook on low flame.
2. Let it cook till the grated beetroot is tender.
3. Allow it to cool and grind it in a mixer grinder to a smooth paste.
4. Heat 1tsp ghee and fry the cashew till golden brown and keep it aside.
5. Heat remaining ghee and when hot add the beetroot paste, cardamom powder and sugar and stir it till ghee seperates.
6. Switch off flame and add the cashew. 
7. Mix well and serve.

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