Home made Puff Pastry Dough

 See the wonderful layers in the puffs. Can you believe that this is home made????  You have to believe it because I prepared it. This is the second time I am trying this recipe. I am usually tensed when preparing the  puff pastry sheets. I am not a specialist so it needs a lot of patch work to bring it to shape. Be patient when trying out this because if you are in a hurry the whole thing will be spoiled. I have shared my steps of preparation in the photo tutorial. After finishing off the sheets I started baking them. At first the butter in the sheets started melting down and I thought that the two hours of work and the money I spent on the ingredients are utter waste. But after 15minutes I was proved wrong because I could see the beautiful layers puffing up and at last I was so happy that my work was not a waste.  Everyone in the family enjoyed the puffs. So try preparing it and enjoy the result.

The Recipe:
Cold Water-150ml
Salt- a pinch

1. Mix maida and salt. Melt 1 tsp butter and add it to maida.
2. Add water and prepare a soft dough. Add water little by little to prepare the dough. Knead it till soft, smooth and elastic.
3. Cover it with plastic wrap and leave it for 10 minutes.
4. Take frozen butter and pound it till there are no lumps. Sprinkle maida and shape it into a square. Use finger tips to shape because you do not want any heat of your body to be transfered to the butter. If the day is very hot keep the butter in fridge for some time to lower the temp during the process.
5. On the back of a baking tray sprinkle maida and roll the dough into a diamond large enough to hold the butter. The centre should be thicker than the sides.  Reserve a little deough for patch up job.
6. Place the butter square in the middle and fold the sides as for an envelope.
7. Beat it with rolling pin to flatten. Sprinkle maida and roll it to a rectangle of 25cm*15cm. Use the reserved dough if there are any holes. Fold the rectangle twice(like an envelope) as shown in the photo tutorial.
8. Place the tray in fridge for 15minutes.
9. Remove from fridge and roll the  folded dough into a rectangle of 25*15cm. Fold it again as in step7. place the tray in fridge.
10.Repeat this step four  times. Roll the dough into a  thin  rectangle spreading across the baking tray.
11. Cut it into 12 equal squares.
12. Stuff each rectangle  with a filling of your choiceand seal edges. Preheat oven at 250degree centigrade for 15minutes. Bake the puffs for 25minutes or till the puffs are golden brown in colour.

Photo Tutorial: 

Mix flour, salt and melted butter

Prepare smooth and elastic dough and let it rest for 10minutes

Frozen butter

Pound the butter until there are no lumps
Add flour and shape it to a rectangle. Use your finger tips for this job.

Roll the dough into a diamond with a thick centre

Place the butter in the centre

Fold the dough like a packet to cover the butter
Roll it into a rectangle. You can see the butter oozing out in the top right corner.  I patched it up with the reserved dough

Fold it as shown

Again fold it and refrigerate it for 10-15minutes

Sprinkle flour and roll it again. Repeat the last step. Repeat the two steps four more times.
Roll into a rectangle the size of your baking tray and cut it into three rows.
Cut it width wise into 5 equal parts.Stuff each piece with the stuffing you like and close it firm.
After 15 minute it started rising and the layers were visible.
When the top is golden brown remove from oven and serve hot