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Friday, February 22, 2013

Karupatti Paniyaram

Both Sruti and PK love sweet paniyaram. If I prepare it with karupatti, they treat it very special at home. You can also use vellam to prepare these paniyaram but there is a lot of difference in taste. This paniyaram has an earthly flavour and goes very well with coconut chutney and onion chutney. When grinding the batter, make sure that it is very thick as you will be adding syrup to make it thinner. I usually grind 3 times the given amount of batter. The first batch is used with out fermenting in the preparation of thideer dosai (click for recipe). The remaining batter is left to ferment. The first half is used for making appam (click for recipe) and the second half is used in making these paniyaram. So you grind the batter once and use it up to make three different types of break fast recipes. Isn't it cool? Keep the paniyaram pan well greased before attempting to make paniyaram. If it is not well greased you will end up with bits and pieces. If you own a non stick pan then it is awesome. But I prefer to use the hindalium pan instead. If it has been many days since you made paniyaram or if your pan is very new, then apply a lot of oil in the moulds and heat the pan for 5 minutes. Switch off stove and leave the pan with oil overnight. The next day wash the pan, drizzzle oil in the moulds, heat the pan and then add the batter. You will get paniyaram with out sticking to the pan. Likewise after finishing the preparation, apply oil and leave it for 10 minutes before washing. So that the next time it will come out very easily with out sticking.

Raw rice-1/2 cup
Boiled rice-1/2 cup
Jaggery/ Karupatti-1 cup
Cardamom powder-2tsp
Grated Coconut-1/2 cup
Urad dhal- 2tbs
Methi seeds- 1tsp
1. Soak raw rice, boiled rice, Urad dhal and methi seeds for 3-4 hours.
2. Grind it with little water. The batter should be thick. Leave it to ferment overnight.
3. In a pan add powdered karupatti and 3tbs water and bring it to boil.
4. Filter the hot syrup into the batter and mix well.
5. Add cardamom powder and grated coconut.and the batter is ready.
6. Add 1tsp oil in the paniyaram pan. Fill 3/4th of the moulds with batter. Cover it with lid.
7. When the bottom of paniyaram is cooked invert them with a spoon.
8. When the paniyarams are cooked remove from mould and serve hot.


  1. OMG ! Kids delight...

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  3. Mouthwatering & very tempting!!!!!!

  4. yummy tempting and awesome paniyaram.

  5. Mouthwatering Paniyarams,looks awesome...

  6. Delicious and inviting paniyarams..

  7. Looks fabulous, must be yummy.

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