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Friday, October 19, 2012

Soan Papdi

Today is the third day of Blogging Marathon #21. This sweet is in my to do list for long. To be frank, I tried it twice before. First time the whole lot went into a dust bin. The second time the sugar syrup's consistency was not right and I ended up with a soft sweet which my hubby's colleagues liked very much ( they don't know that it is a sweet that went the wrong way). Then I took a decision not to try out making soan papdi. But when I saw Sanjay of Vahchef making it in a video, I was tempted again. Soan papdi cannot stay away from me longer. I saw the video four or five times and then I set on preparing the sweet with 100% confidence. Every thing went according to plan until the final stage. When I poured the mixture on the counter, it started leaving ghee. Only then I realized my mistake. The recipe in his website mentioned adding 250 gm of ghee and the video recipe mentioned 1 1/2 cups of ghee. I should have added 250 gm. But I went for 1 1/2 cups and the 1/2 cup of extra ghee came out of the sweet. Apart from that soan papdi looked okay. It was crispy and little chewy. When hubby came home I gave him a piece and asked him to identify it. He ate it, thought for some time and told me that it tastes like banaras (that is what they call soan papdi at my home town). Then he told me that I was half way through in making the sweet. So if some one dares to prepare this sweet, please go through the video again and again. When you feel confident, you can try it. I think I will try it again. I am not going to accept my defeat to this sweet.

Recipe Source: Vahrevah
Besan/ Chickpea Flour-1 cup
Maida/ All Purpose Flour-1 cup
Ghee-250 gm ( I used extra but I would recommend to use 250 gm)
Sugar-2 cups
Honey-2 tbs
Lemon Juice-2 tsp
Cardamom Powder-1 tsp

1. In a non stick broad pan heat ghee.
2. Add the flours and mix well.
3. Keep on sauteing until the flour becomes golden and aromatic.
4. Add  cardamom powder, mix well and remove from flame.
5. While the flours are cooking, in a sauce pan add sugar and 3/4 cup of water.
6. Bring it to boil. Add honey and lemon juice to the syrup to avoid crystallizing.
7. The syrup should reach hard ball consistency. If you drop some drops of the syrup in water, you should be able to make it into a ball which when pressed should not crack.
8. After this stage, the syrup will start caramelizing.
9. Grease a non stick tawa with ghee.
10. Pour the syrup on the tawa and with a flat metal spoon stir it in folding motion until it become thick.
11. The four should be warm and not hot.
12. Pour the syrup into the flour mixture and with two spoons mix it gently in folding motions.
13. The flour will be absorbed by the syrup and threads will start to form.
14. When the flour and the syrup are fully mixed, pat the mixture flat inside the tawa.
15. Flip it on the counter, spread the sliced nuts on top.
16. Shape it into a square by pressing the sides with two large knifes.
17. When it starts hardening, cut into small squares and allow it to cool completely.
18. Serve..


  1. Great work!!! Good you tried at home, got good results too. Looks delicious.

  2. I know, making soan apps I is not an easy task... You tried your level best.. This also looks awesome... Hoping to see the pakka soan papdi soon in your posts dear...

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  3. I always thought making soanpapdi at home is a difficult task though I have heard that one of my MIL's sisters prepares it real good.
    Your version looks like a colorful burfi. :)

  4. I just saw a video showing how to make soan papdi. It's really a tough job to do this. Hats off u made it perfect. Good one

  5. I just saw a video showing how to make soan papdi. It's really a tough job to do this. Hats off u made it perfect. Good one

  6. I know its not that much easy to make soan papdis at home, love ur confidence Gayathri, i dont have this much confidence to make this sweet at home,eventhough we are ardent fan of this sweet. Btw i dont mind having some.

  7. hey Gayathri,gr8 job ya..i never imagine we can do it at home also...they r looking awesome...kudos Super Yummy Recipes

  8. hello gayatri
    amazed to see dis dear...tried once nd was super flop...wanna try again after seeing dis inshaallah...u hav got lots of patience pa...it shows ur love for food...cant imagine how u made de phyllo sheets for baklava...great job dear....keep going

  9. Ah even I have been ever planning to make but didn't want to attempt as all the videos turn out to be scary..:)..good that you are persistent in your attempts..

  10. looks so perfect and well made love it

  11. Way to go Gayathri..:) It looks nice..

  12. wow hats off u gayathri...well made it!!

  13. Looks super delicious and awesome.. love the preparation and presentation.. you rock dear :)
    Indian Cuisine

  14. My, My ...look at those soan papdi..I love this sweet and you make very complex sweets with an aura of easiness that I'm yet to learn. Lovely Gayathri...you remind me that I have lot to learn.

  15. Gayathri.. I love your blog page and have bookmarked a few recipes. I am sharing an award with u, that i recently got... :) Pls chk my blog!

  16. YUM. These look absolutely delicious. I want to try these!!

  17. persistence pays off...these look so good

  18. Soan Papdi is my one of the favorite sweet!
    ekdum mast!

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  19. wow hats off u gayathri...well made it!! can u tell me 250 gms means how many cups?

  20. Hi Gayathri, Soan Papdi - one of the most difficult sweets!!! I have also bookmarked it from vahrehvah, yet to do... Yours is looking so tempting!!
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  21. The only other party I know making these are the Haldirams' :D! Great job Gayathri!

  22. i agree with Rajani...i always thought this should be best left to the experts...you are amazing

  23. hi gayathri, i request you to kindly guide me as to how much is maida, besan and sugar in grams.. like how u hv told for ghee is 250 gms

    1. Hi, Sorry for the late reply. I will give you the gram measurements for the recipe. Maida-130gm, Besan-140gm, Sugar- 440gm and Ghee-250gm.

  24. Hi....i tried this two times.....ones sugar syrup got crystal......second times also sugar was less crystal....n while folding only it got thick.????
    please can u tell me thread how much to keep in suger syrup???......i saw that vedio...bt can't not getting idea.....
    as i am learning i am taking half measurement.....

  25. Hi, to avoid crystallization, add lemon juice. As for the syrup consistency, drop a few drops of the syrup into water and if it becomes a hard ball, the consistency is reached.

  26. hi gayathri..
    i tried this andoutcome was as of yours..crispy and chewy like hala.i followed exacly vahchef recipe and this time want to put whole syrup directly in besan mixture whithout cooling and i have one doubt can we use oil instead ghee because im still tryng not perfect and dont want to waste ghee:)

    1. I am not very much sure of the results. But it is great to make less quantities while experimenting so that we can make sure that the wastage is less..

  27. have u evr tried again?
    if so please do share pointers..it would be of great help for beginners..
    thank you

    1. No I haven't tried it yet. Once I try it again I will surely update this post with snaps and important pointers..


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