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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Punjabi Thali

Today I will be showing you a Punjabi Thali. I am new to Punjabi cuisine and so I created my dishes with the help of a book full of Punjabi Dishes. Recently I bought Tarla Dalal's Punjabi Khana and I was very much pleased with the book. I selected what appeared to be simple recipes and we had a filling lunch. With so much cheese, butter and ghee it was quite a heavy meal and I had to skip my dinner because I felt full until the next day. But it was a completely satisfying and mind blowing experience. Lassi and Paneer Amritsari were my favorites among all. Gajrela became hubby's favorite. Even he packed some for his friend. We really enjoyed Punjabi Khana.

Today's Menu:
Cardamom Lassi-Cool drink prepared with curd
Paneer Amritsari-Crispy and spicy fried Paneer
Sukhi Bhindi-Dry sauteed okra
Jeera Aloo-Spicy potatoes flavored with cumin seeds
Pudhina Raitha- Curd and mint leaves mixed together with spices
Roti-Whole wheat flour rotis
Makai Ki Roti-Rotis with Maize flour
Paneer Makhani -A rich creamy Paneer gravy
Carrot Rice-A simple rice dish using carrots
Gajrela / Carrot Halwa- Carrot and sweetened milk together create this magic

Today's Dishes:

Cardamom Lassi(click to view recipe)

Paneer Amritsari (click to view recipe)

Makai Ki Roti


Paneer Makhani (click to view recipe)

Jeera Aloo (click to view recipe)

Sukhi Bhindi (click to view recipe)

Pudhina Raitha

Carrot Rice(click to view recipe)

Today's Recipe:

Grated Carrot-2cups
Milk-1 lt
Pista Chopped-1tbs
Raisins Chopped-1tbs
Cardamom Powder-1/2tsp

1. In a heavy bottomed pan bring 750ml milk to boil and let it reduce to half.
2. In another pan, heat 1/4cup of ghee and add the grated carrots. Saute until aromatic.
3. Add the remaining milk and bring it to boil.
4. Simmer and cook until the carrot is soft.
5. Add the reduced milk and keep on stirring until the mixture becomes thick.
6. Add sugar, cardamom powder and the chopped pista and raisins.
7. Add the remaining ghee and stir until the mixture leaves the sides and is completely dry.
8. Transfer to a serving dish and garnish with sliced pistas.
9. Enjoy warm or cold.

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  1. Delicious platter Gayathri!! Love that frothy Cardamom Lassi!!!!!

  2. I m drooling over the thali..love everything in d menu..would love 2 c d recipe for amritsari paneer

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  7. what a thoughtfully picked menu...love everything on this platter. pudina raitha...takes the crown

  8. Rich Carrot Halwa. Beautiful platter altogether.

  9. Wow! to think you tried a different cuisine with such amazing results. Kudos to you!

  10. Wat a gorgeous and fabulous platter,everything looks super delicious Gayathri.

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  13. I love the spread in this thaali and wonderful clicks. I could see how soft makki ki roti was ...everything looks awesome. Fantastic job, well done!!!

  14. I liked the carrot halwa the best and the rotis too look very soft. Lovely spread.

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  16. You are killing me with those clicks! I am drooling at every single dish in there!

  17. what a delicious spread, lovely platter, love carrot halwa...

  18. Wow Gayathri..everything is my favorite!..and this surely doesn't look like you are making punjabi food for the first time..

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