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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Eggless Chocolae Cornets - Round Up

For the month of March, I chose to bake Chocolate Cornets for the Baking Eggless Group. The original recipe was from a you tube video and we tried to change the recipe into an eggless one. Looking at all the creations of group members, I am really proud. Each and every recipe is great with nice egg substitutions and wonderful results. I thank all the members of the group who took part in his month's challenge.
I will provide a link for every recipe along with the snaps. Take a look and enjoy.

11. Gayathri of Gayathri's Cook Spot (Oh! That's me!)

I will update this page when I get new entries. If you are interested in joining the group, please mail me to gayathriraani@gmail.com with your details.


  1. wow....superb round up....yummy

  2. Nice roundup and looking forward to the next challenge..

  3. wow.. so many sizes & shapes.. but the good old chocolate :)

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  4. Great efforts girls !! perfectly done and wonderful roundup !!

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    CC:Spring Seasonal Food

  5. Can u believe i make this just before 1 hour and i show this here ..... ur one is nice...Good round up.

  6. Too good!! Those yummy cornets are heart-stealing for sure. Waiting for the April one now... :)

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  7. nice roundup and these cornets are so irresistable with chocolate nd cream oozing out.

  8. Beautiul cornets together, fantastic roundup..

  9. Lovely round ups all r looking gr and yummy...I loved and enjoyed baking thing cornets,,,,,waiting for the next challenge

  10. Hey do visit my blog to enter in to the Give Away,,,,

  11. Very nice - each one of them

  12. What a eye feasting round-up, I hope you will include mine too in the round up dear whenever you have time...


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