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Monday, March 5, 2012

Eggless Coconut Cake-Round Up Of Baking Eggless Group

This is the first round up of Baking Eggless Group Challenge. I would like to thank all the members of the group who experimented with the given recipe and came out with great results. There are 7 different methods to get an eggless coconut cake through this round up. Take a look and enjoy.

1. Rasi of Vegetarian Food and Me has experimented twice and came out with the best recipe which uses vinegar and baking soda as the egg substitute. Look at the beautiful crumble the cake has got.

2. Harini-Jaya of Tamalapaku tried it twice and she got the best result on her second attempt. She also did anvegan version of the cake which has coconut milk and olive oil. Apple cider vinegar is used as the egg substitute. Coconut milk must have rendered a nice flavour to the cake. These cupcakes look so cute and adorable.

3. Jyoti of Pages has done her version of the cake in a square tin and the cake looks perfect with a nice soft crumb. She also has done a nutritious version using wheat flour and oil instead of all purpose flour and butter.The colour of the crust is beautiful.

4. Suma of Veggie Platter  has tried the recipe with condensed milk. The cup cakes look so nice with a beautiful crust and crumb. The egg substitute used is condensed milk and this is surely a rich cake.

5. Kp Ks of Myriad Musings has attempted a version using chocolate chips and cocoa powder. She has used bananas and yogurt as egg substitutes and the cup cakes look so nice. 

6. Jeyasri of Samayalarai has come up with a very innovative and nutritious cake using quinoa flour and barley flour. The cake looks perfect with a nice crumb. That is wonderful Jeyasri.

7. Priya of Culinary Chronicles attempted an eggless version with wheat flour. The cake looks great. She has used yogurt as the substitute and the crumb has come out very nice.

8. Priya of Enveetu Kitchen got it right during her second attempt. She learnt the ratio of baking powder and flour from her first experiment. As this is all about learning new techniques, every failure has to be taken as the step for success and she succeeded in her second try. The cake has come out super soft and fluffy.

9. This is my attempt to create a fluffy cake and I got it perfect on the third attempt. The first cake was delicious but there was an accident and the cake fell on the floor and went to pieces. I didn't know what was wrong with the second cake, but it didn't bake well and there was batter inside. The third attempt was success with nice colour and perfect crumb.

Have fun going through the recipes and if you are interested in eggless baking then I invite you to join the group.


  1. cake looks so soft n fluffy........vl grab it

  2. lovely round up & such a nice description for everything..:)

    Ongoing Event: I'm a STAR

  3. Such a lovely roundup, very inspiring, Gayathri, how do I join this group..

  4. Nice roundup. All recipes are tempting

  5. Hey gayatri last tym I coulnt make it out .. acc it skipped frm my mind.. M I IN THIS MONTH!!!!
    Ongoing Event
    "HOLI HAI"

  6. wow.....lovely roundup....I too have to get into this egless baking,,,.will try soon

  7. lovely roundup


  8. wow so many varieties.... bookmarked this page....

  9. lovely round up gayatri, will check out all the bloggers soon.., delicious looking cakes...

  10. Hey... i couldn't find these recipes on the blogs mentioned... could you share the recipes if you have them?

    1. LC, please click on the name of the cake given below the picture for the recipe...

  11. I tried this coconut cake from your blog.... i was raw... then i altered it by dry roasting the coconut.. turned out well..


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